Good or bad brands Manufactured homes

jackofalltrades_1956February 19, 2008

I am near the point of purchasing a manufactured home and have narrowed the choices down to the following brands not necessarily in this order: Silver Crest, Skyline, Karsten, Fleetwood, Clayton, Golden West, Kit Homes. I think Fleetwood is at the bottom of the list as the local plant #17 in Woodland Calif. has been decertified by HUD several times over the last few years (Currently decertified). Any one have experiences with any of these brands?

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Yes, I would nix Fleetwood and Clayton as well. My brother has a Clayton and it's very cheaply made. I live in an OakCreek, not Oakwood. It is made extremely well, not flimsy. We love this good built solid home. It's 2000 sq ft and our electric bills average $115; we are total electric too. My brother's Clayton is the same size and his electric bill is a whopping $400! His master bedroom is located at the far end of the house and he cannot heat the bedroom. The rooms closer to the heating unit are much warmer. But again, he didn't do any research when he chose that home, and he's paying for that too. When you walk in the front door of the ones on the lot, you will immediately feel quality or cheap. Go with your gut instincts. If the carpet is thin and cheap, so is the rest of the house!

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I live in a 14 by 60 single wide Clayton and love it! I bought it brand new and we've been living here going on 11 years. The only thing is that I wish we would of gotten a bigger one but at that time we thought we were only going to have one child but we now have two boys that have to share a small room. I think Claytons are built beautiful. We have looked into buying a bigger home but I am just not satisified with plain features.I love the pretty mirrors and fixtures. I haven't had problems with it being built cheaply.

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i have a 28 by 80 clayton and it seems well made. its 5 years old now.

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We bought a Skyline 1780 sq. ft. home a year ago and love it. It's very well built...just like a good stick built home. We built 3 stick built homes for ourselves before purchasing this one, so my husband was very knowlegable about what needs to go into a home and he was very pleased with the construction on this home. We had some upgrades, 4/12 pitch roof, larger tub in the master bath, added an extra pantry, more insulation in the ceiling and made some changes to the plan inside. We had an 8 ft. x 20 ft. covered front porch with pillars and a 2 car garage built onto it. It looks like the whole thing was built right here on the property. The price was very reasonable even with all the upgrades.

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I would stay away from a Fleetwood for sure. I wouldn't even buy a Fleetwood doghouse. I used to have a 91 Champion and was very happy with it, but it also had a shingled roof vaulted ceilings with sheetrock and in 91 that was pretty high end on the mobile home specs. The top one I would look into and really take time to walk through before purchasing would be a Fuqua. I live in a stick built home and if I move again I am going with a Fuqua modular on a basement. I think they are hands down the best route to go than a stick built for the money unless you luck out with a top notch builder that is affordable. I walk into a Fuqua compared to other manufactured or modulars and its like BOOM night and day difference.

Just something to consider

Here is a link that might be useful: Fuqua Homes

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We have just bought a Karsten. While I think it is a very nice home (haven't moved into it yet), it's the dealership, Homes Direct, who has caused all the problems. It's been a nightmare since day 1 and it still continues. I thought I had done a lot of homework and research, but it was not enough. I hope that others have not had the problems we have had. Be sure you keep in mind that the dealership is interested in only the money. They do not care if the order is incorrect when it goes to the factory for build. They do not care about you and they will show you no respect. It's the same as a used car salesman.

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we have lived in a 1300 square foot clayton for 15 years with no problems at all. built real nice.


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We live in a 1998 Fleetwood and have had no major problems. It has settled and continues to do so. We are on a gravel "bed." Our front door is really out-of-whack. Even after we got it leveled, the front door is a mess. It does close, and it does lock, but when you look at it from the inside, the top just kind of slopes down. Other than that we haven't had any major problems

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Our 1855 sq ft DW was built by Liberty. We love our home. The manufacture let us make all kinds of changes to the house plan. We moved walls and added/enlarged windows. They had a "garage ready" option that meant one portion is covered in drywall so the garage can be built right on. We added a 24*50 foot garage/workshop. They upgraded our electrical system from 100 amps to 200, added extra insulation in the 6" exterior walls, and wrapped the exterior with OSB under the Hardyboard siding. They had all types of extra options available, providing you were willing to pay extra.

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Can any of you give me any information about Norris or New River Homes. We are looking to buy and we have found a really good deal on a new river and were wondering if any of you have any information on these two.

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Our home is a patriot ..we bought the top of the line, made in is a double wide..a larger one but not the largest..we have it on a 5 block high crawl space..

we like it but did have cracks in the walls, some roof leaks and some problems with plumbing and elec..i think you are going to find some problems with ALL manufactured homes.. good luck

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I guess I can put in my 2 cents worth. 7 years ago we purchased a double wide made by Hart. The company is based in Wakarusa Ind. We have been so pleased with the quality of this place. It was a repossessed home but who ever had it took great care of it ( they apparently had the home less than a year). We got it at considerable savings. The quality of the windows and walls, cabinets, countertops has really been a plus for us. We love it.

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I've had a Fleetwood for 15 years and love it and have had no problems. All the bathroom equip is original and still working great. We did build a roof over it and added a screen porch.

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We took our time and walked through way to many homes. Finally bought a Fuqua. That was 11 years ago and we still like it very much. One reservation is make sure you really like the floor plan. It is hard to change once you have the home. We also had two friends buy Fuqua homes after us and based on our experience. They are happy also. One of these was a second home for elderly parents which worked very nicely for them. They put it on the same property with their home.

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I live in a single wide 'Gatway High Rise'1990 model....and let me tell ya, the thing is built like a house. I'ts called a high rise because of 3 step up living room, the kitchen is next to that so therefore the kitchen has high ceiling. My floors are built like floors in a stick house....and the wall's are made with 2by4's too.I bet GateWay don't buld them like this piece of advise...make sure you have plywood floors and not the presswood floors. My washerhose busted one morning while we both where at work. Hubby just happened to come home for something to find most of the house flooded.All the carpeting had to be torn out & believe me, the Insurance was a rip off...there priced what it would take to repair our damage but took away for needless to say we hardly was refunded monies to replace carpet and da da da...I never installed carpet back in here but bought lamenated flooring instead....another piece of advice...replace hoses on washer with the heavy duty kind.But am very happy with my home...have built top over the home and extended the roof for my front porch then screened it in...built a big back deck & screened that one too...year or so later added a step down lower deck and have a gold fish pond at that deck. All in all I love this place....the home has helt up wonderfuly....u know the ole get what u pay for!I have no dought I'll get my moneys worth and more outta my place. Happy hunting and good luck to you

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My wife and I are about to become Snowbirds. We're looking at older manufactured homes in Central Florida. The community we want to buy into has a number of doublewides built in the mid 1980's...mostly Fleetwoods, Homes of Merit, and Nobility. Does anyone have opinions they would share regarding these brands (particularly for homes constructed in the mid '80s)? Many thanks for any information you may have.

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I bought a used 2002 four seasons sectional and was surprised after doing research to see that it's built with 7/16 OSB throughout, 1/2 inch drywall/sheetrock throughout,and luan plywood behind the drywall to prevent cracking during transport and during settling. The company itself I believe is now bankrupt, but who cares. 2x6 exterior walls too.

Got a good price on it and didn't see a single crack anywhere during my examination. Any other issues I can take care of myself. Pleased with what I got for the money. These components are what your typical stick built is constructed out of these days, except for the floor which is only 2x6 compared to stick builts which will be 2x8 or 2x10.

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We have a Ritz-Craft, built in PA, and have not had one problem with it. We did have the ceiling and floor joists beefed up, 30 year shingles, and dry walled. One thing I have noticed in MHs - in many of them of different manufacturers is that you can get ceiling cracks which seem to be affected with the weather. We had a slight one in our bathroom and with a stipple ceiling it is not easy to patch. Many of the newer MHs do not have stipple ceilings and this wold be better if you can get it.

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I have a Silvercrest, and it has been trouble-free. It's a 2002, and I bought it new.

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Wow! We love our Silvercrest home. We put it on an 8000 sq.ft. lot here in the little village of Manzanita on the north coast of Oregon 16 years ago. Despite being only 1000 feet from the beach, it has never needed a lick of maintenance other than interior repainting where we wanted a change of color.

But now Silvercrest has stopped selling homes in Oregon and as we plan to sell and move out to acreage in the country, we too, are wondering what is the best home to buy now. Karsten and Fuqua look good so far. Any recent (2010) comments would be much appreciated.

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I would suggest that you look at Palm harbor homes Texas ,its has a 5 year warranty and a very good rapitaion here.

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I still own a 1982 single wide Marlete bought new in NM. I moved it from the dealer to Artesia,NM, to then to Andrews Tx then 300 miles East then to the present location. Every one remarks at how well this house was built. Of course repairs have been done over the years and it now has a attached carport and two porches. The cabinets, drawers and walls and doors are in good shape, The main problem was when the water heater exploded and flooded that part of the house. I do not live in it now but I plan to fix it up for a retreat.

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I don't know what the quality is of Fleetwood mobile homes built currently...But ours was built in Dec. 1973 and we bought and moved into it in June 1975. It is 24ft wide by 60 ft long. We have a long living room with den, 3 bdrms/2 full baths, narrow kitchen and dining room. We still have the original wiring, paneling, plumbing and coleman heater in it. In 1985 we added a secondary roof because of a leak where the water cooler would have gone if we'd had one. In 1980 we added a 8ft wide x 32ft long enclosed deck - it's been a blessing for family dinners and storage. In 2000 we replaced the kitchen counters, sink and faucet. In 2005 we added an air conditioner and the coleman heater was upgraded. In 2007 we replaced 6 windows with double-paned windows. The carpeting and linoleum has been replaced 3 times due to wear. The exterior has been painted twice in 39 years. I'd say that we got a great deal in the purchase of this Fleetwood - as we would have made these same changes in any standard home.

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I too have a Hart home, built in late 2011. The quality is excellent. But be advised that Hart has all but stopped making manufactured homes in favor of the Park model homes and RVs. The dealership where we purchased our home will no longer sell a Hart home.

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We currently have a Town home and we are happy with it; however we are looking a getting a bigger moduler home this summer. We are trying to compare Town homes and Live Oak homes. Does any one have any input?

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I just joined this forum.

What do you know of Shelbox brand? We're planning on buying one of their second hand ones.

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We recently bought a 28x60 modular with a poured basement. Didn't do much looking around, so we are dealing with a cheaply built home. After reading through some posts I see others are having the same issues as we are. My biggest problem is heating the MBR and bath, ditto for the AC this summer. Is there someway this can be rectified? I don't like using a space heater but I relented to one in the bath, only while bathing, 62 deg. is too cold for me. Will buying a new furnace help? I don't know what to do.

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See my response on the thread you posted. My home is the same size as yours, but not a modular on a poured foundation. Have you gone into the basement and taken a good look at all the ductwork? Perhaps a duct was crushed while the home was being set. Perhaps they forgot to connect a duct, or did a sloppy job and the connection fell apart. I am pretty mystified, as after my home was set the dealership did a pretty thorough inspection including checking all the heat registers for hot air flow.

My home did not have any water warmer than 100 degrees coming from the showers when we first moved in, due to the anti-scald devices that are required. They had to send out a serviceman to adjust the anti-scald valves.

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cathyyg, you answered a lot of my ?'s. No one inspected the work done. Our home did not come from the factory, it was bought off the lot, though it was new (never lived in). I have been concerned about the use and the application of the flexible ductwork. I've been very frustrated over the shower, taking one with less than lukewarm water in an already cold room is not a good thing. Thanks to this forum, I now have answers and I can do some calling. In another forum posting, I have read modular homes have more integrity than manufactured, not in my case. Our home is definitely a low end modular. Ours does not have the metal beams, that is the only difference I can see.

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Yeah, the not being on the steel chassis is the biggest difference I can think of, too.

So get yourself into the basement and inspect! It may be as simple as connecting a duct yourself. And glad my comment about the showers will help you, too. We were SO frustrated with our cold showers!

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You call a heating specialist. Someone who knows all about ductwork. My guess is that the furnace is at one end of the home because that's where they put the chimney.

That was the big mistake. On a home that size the furnace should be in the center of the home with the chimney going up through the roof.

So you will need insulated ductwork, and insulated pipes. You can do the pipe insulation yourself with pipe wrap from Home Depot. It'll cost under $100. Then you'll have hot water 60 feet away from the heat source.

But you'll need a plumber to do the ductwork.

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I beg to differ, christopherh. My manufactured home is that same size with the furnace at one end, and there is no problem with either heat, airflow, or air-condtioning in the summer. It went to 17 below last night, and all our rooms remained warm. The OP may find it a good idea to isulate his ductwork, but the furnace being located at one end of the house in and of itself shouldn't cause no warm air flow in the rooms furthest from the furnace. Something else is likely to be wrong.

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My wife and I are in the process of designing and ordering a home through Adventure Homes out of Indiana. We like one of the models from another company that they have on the lot, and are going to use that one floor plan as a template of what we want. The one is very well built, but the dealer is dropping that line. We fell in love with the floor plan the minute we stepped in to tour it. If anyone has an Adventure Home, I would like to hear your opinions on whether its a good company, etc.

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Hi, my wife and I are about to purchase a double wide (27x60) Golden West Limited Edition new home. It will be built in a factory in Hemet Ca. I would welcome advise (good or bad) from members, please.

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Pipman, the manufacturer of your home is far less important than your dealer. Read a few threads here. Improper setup is your biggest danger. Construction is to the Federal building code, as a minimum, and you get a warranty. Does your dealer provide a final inspection and testing of functionality after setup and before release? Will they come out at the end of a year and fix all the settling cracks in the wallboard? Do they have dedicated crews for delivery and setup, or do they subcontract it out? Do they pull all the permits for the water, sewer, electrical and gas connections? Do they use local contractors for these specialized jobs? I have heard in just this forum of doublewide homes set with 4 inches between the 2 halves of the home, which caused massive moisture and mold issues. I have heard of improperly connected heating ducts and completely missed electrical connections under the home. Check with the BBB, Google your dealer's name, and check references. That dealer is Your Man, your best resource, so choose the best one you can find.

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You are so correct!

Once the boxes are at the site, the drivers leave. Sometimes a crew from the manufacturer will button the home up, but not always.

Then it's up to the general contractor to do the rest. Sometimes its the dealer, and sometimes you hire your own.

It's the GC who does all the work. Lot clearing, well, septic, driveway, hiring the crane if necessary, getting power to the house, finding the subs for electrical hookup, plumbing, finish carpentry etc.

Those are the question you ask before going forward.
WHO will be doing all the work mentioned above? Dealer employees? Or local subs?

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Has anyone had any experience with Factory Expo Homes in Garrett, Indiana? We are considering buying a large doublewide (the Bloomfield model), which we would be placing on our lake property in Michigan. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello, I am starting the process of buying a manufactured home and placing on a lot of land. My husband and myself are meeting up with a dealer tonight to get the 411 on the whole process and go over some specifications and homes we like. Is there any advice someone could give for this initial meeting? Also, any specific questions I should be asking the dealer prior to choosing them? Thanks

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The main question is "Who will be the general contractor to oversee the entire project?"
Who will do the lot clearing, basement/foundation, crane if necessary, well, septic, electricity from the pole, plumbing, heating, porches, stairs, driveway, permits, finish carpentry, CLEANUP, etc?

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Thank you Christopherh. I appreciate the info! I did ask him some general questions as those and he said he has contractors that come and bid on the project, all of which he's worked closely with and he always takes the best price.

Another issue/concern/question I have is that my father, who is a roofer, indicated that I should update the truss system to include 2x4 or 2x6s as the majority of the manufactured homes do this with 2x2s. I asked the dealer yesterday if we could update this and he indicated it wasn't possible. Has anyone had bad experience with the 2x2 truss system? I understand why they would do the 2x2 esp. to keep it light, but I just want to make sure that the 2x2s are generally good and no major issues :) Thanks!

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You need to find another dealer because he's lying to you.. Plain and simple.We just purchased a Deer Valley and it has all 2x construction which is very important...weight has nothing to do with it...I'm assuming your dealer told you that as well.

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The ONLY reason they use 2x2's is to save money...our Deer Valley has 2x4's for truss's I don't know if Deer Valley homes are sold in your market but if you live in the southeast I would suggest you take a look at them...I did months of research before pulling the trigger on this home and found Deer Valley to be the best or maybe I should say one of the best..Sunshine builds a good home and so does Fuqua.I went with Deer Valley because of the energy efficiency of their homes...good luck to you and If there's anything I can help with let me know...after the last 6 months of researching and shopping around I'm fairly knowledgeable when it comes to manufactured homes

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Hi All, I wonder if anyone has advice:
I'm looking at a 2002 Skyline hone of 3300 sf,
it has had some upgrades but 2 things concern me. 1 is in the finished basement last year, apparently a pipe burst & flooded the entire full basement in 2" water. The owner had it repaired, all new carpet ect, but my concern is not only mold (either know I see nothing out of line, but also if that means the rest of the plumbing is faulty. And the kitchen floor is not level at all, not sure what to make of it. the rest of the place seems nice. Wife wants to make an offer but my gut says don't rush...TY in advance

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Natalie Gould

Palm Harbor Homes is the best!!! Best decision I ever made. They have model centers all over the country so you can go tour as many models as you want and find the one that's right for you. Here's their website:

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You can find a list of approved HUD manufactured homes at this link:

updated as of 2/9/2015

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