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jonig99February 6, 2006

After 7 months our new manufactured home is finally done, passed all County Inspections, the well has been inspected, the septic has been inspected and the soil has had the required treatments. The Certificate of Occupancy has been given by the County, and now the Mortgage Co is stating it must be inspected by an FHA Inspector. Does anyone know exactly what the FHA Inspector needs to inspect? If the County has approved everything, what does the FHA inspector need to inspect? The home is a Homes of Merit double wide. ArenÂt they built to FHA specifications? What happens if it doesn't pass the FHA Inspection? I just have a fear something will go wrong. The Dealer we have used for this Homes of Merit has been the most incompetent business I have ever had the displeasure of working with. If the Inspection Doesn't pass for FHA, does this mean I will have to go back to the Dealer for them to fix any problems? The home has been sitting on our lot for over 3 ½ months, while the Dealer was doing the set up and hook ups; sometime weeks going by with nothing being done. Countless phone calls and visits to the dealer accomplished nothing. In all honesty, if I had known this Homes of Merit Dealer was as un-professional as he has been through out this entire process, I would never have purchased a home from them. Can someone who has gone through this please let me know what the FHA Inspector will be looking for? In case it's needed we are located in South Central Florida.

Thanks for the help.

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I wouldn't sweat an FHA inspection. I guess the Feds are guaranteeing the loan and since it's a doublewide the mortgage company wants to be sure all ducks are in a row. All windows and doors work, the house is on a good foundation, etc, let the Feds in.

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Thanks for the input, and I would be happy to let them in, however, I have no keys...the mortgage co will not release the funds nor close on the loan without the FHA Inspection and the dealer will not release the keys without his money. I guess I was just wondering what items the inspector would be looking at for the inspection. When I asked our contact at the mortgage company if the FHA Inspector would need to go inside, she said she had "No Idea". Thanks for trying to ease my concern.

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I know this post is old but thought i'd add a few cents in here... the big thing with the FHA inspection is that it's mostly all foundation examination. Is there enough piers that the house is sitting on to support the house's weight, is there any issues with the marriage line, is there water in the crawlspace, things like that. Think major foundation issues - that's what they are looking for. In my home's case the guy didn't even enter the house - just spent lots of time outside of it.

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