Any feedback about home depot cabinet order

tricia257January 25, 2013

in my area Home depot employess are some of the worst! I didn't even think of dealing with them for the kitchen.

I was there for something else and love a style of their Thomasville cabinets. I know Tville u is a great company, and would not have Home depot do install, but I worry about them getting the order right.

(No offense to any good HD workers, I have just had so many frustrating experiences over the years.)

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Thomasville is also Diamond and Kemper. Look at their websites for shops that carry the equivalents. If you have a ProSource anywhere nearby, they'll have less markup on them than anyone.

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Clearly I've gone crazy. I am looking at the SAME door style in two different brands (diamond and Tville)and trying to chose which I prefer. Yipes, I'm far gone. I need to either order something and be done with it or take prozac (kitchen remodeling strength.)


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I'm in the Boston area and we ordered Decora cabinets from HD with great results. We ordered our cabinets well before construction started and were able to get a great deal with promotions they were having.. ( almost 6K off). The saleswoman was knowledgable and went over our wants and needs in great detail and she put the order in for later delivery to give us some extra time to get construction going. There was one cabinet that arrived with a gouge in the door phone call to her and a new cabinet arrived in about a weeks time. We are very happy with our cabinets.

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We found that a nearby Amish woodworking shop made our cabinets to order using real wood for less than half of the cost of the HD line. If money matters, shop around.

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We used Thomasville from our central MA Home Depot with great results. We also had a couple of very minor issues and Thomasville was super responsive (via our KD from HD). We also got a great deal on our cabinets with all the promotions. I got 11 cabinets for about 3500 dollars (in pearl painted finish).
Good luck!

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As far as ordering cabinets from HD, it's pretty fool proof. In our case, we did our own measuring, sat down with HD and made a plan, took it home, re-measured, and considered each and every cabinet and space before we worked up an order. Actually, we did that multiple times. In one of our "take it home" phases, we discovered that we'd mismeasured by 1" on one wall. Because HD uses a program that will not allow you to stuff a 15" cabinet into a 14" space, as soon as we corrected the wall measurement, the program highlighted what else would need to be changed. When the cabinets were set for both placement and type, we added in the extras like toe kicks and molding. Having gotten it all right in the plan, the computer program prints up a list of all the stuff that needs to be ordered - in excruciating detail. When the moment comes, you need to sign that you know exactly what you're paying for. Since we did our own measuring, we also had to sign in blood that the measurements were on us if something wasn't right. Once the order was in, all was good. The cabinets were shipped directly to us and the delivery guys were very good about making sure that what they delivered matched the paperwork. At install we had a drawer face that was just a little too big and that was resolved promptly and without fuss.

For another set of cabinets we bought for our bedroom, we had them sent to HD and we picked them up from there. We were avoiding a delivery charge on that one as there we many fewer cabinets. Besides the pain of unloading those monsters at home, that also worked fine.

A real concern would be if you were working with the kid who was recently hired and just lacked experience with kitchen design. This wouldn't be a bad order problem, more of an iffy design problem. Our guy had done this for years and actually likes kitchens. That does make a difference. Your degree of involvement also makes a difference. I finally talked them out of a copy of the catalog that has all the cabinet possibilities in it, so that I felt sure we had the best options chosen for our space. We did our own install, so we didn't use their subs. Had we not, I think I might have liked to hire our own installer vs. using whoever HD sent.

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We got Thomasville through San Carlos CA Home Depot. Very good experience with both HD and T.

I thought I went in with my design all settled and just needed to place the order. I was fortunate to work with Lizzy at the store, and being a very experienced KD she is and knowing the product and promotions very well, she gave me some very good suggestions. The biggest one was a different color for my base cabinets in my two toned kitchen. She said it would go better with my natural uppers and she is right because it came out great! I wouldn't have known because it was a relatively new color and even Thomasville website did not list that color for my door style. So, even though people look down upon the KD's and associates at big box stores, there are some very good ones out there and they really watch out for your interest as well.

In the past two years of my frequent visits to HD, I'd say all but one of mine interactions with associates were very positive. The only negative one was when I was in a hurry and asked an associate in the Hardware isle if they carry a specific screw I was looking for and he relied "we have hundreds of screws and you expect me to know all of them?" I assumed he was having a bad day and thought to myself he might have point. Hahaha...

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I had the most frustrating experience with both HD and Lowes. Both designers seemed very limited in their creativity and knowledge of their own products (for example one told me I couldn't get a cabinet in a pretty satndard size which I thought was strange. While she was on the phone I looked through the catalogue & it WAS available) It was also annoying never being able to reach anyone over the phone for simple questions. I finally gave up and went to a local shop.

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I'm a HD kitchen designer, and I can guarentee you that some designers will be great and knowledgeable, and others are not so much.... I would suggest you call the store and ask for the kitchen "COS" ( person in charge of kitchen orders). Ask him or her who they think is the best designer to work with. They know who makes the least mistakes and who works the best with customers. This is a big purchase and you want to get it right the first time.

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bluetee57 I am also in the process of ordering Decora for my bathroom. Which doorstyle did you get and what finish I went to Prosource, Home Depot does not carry Decora in my area.

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We went to several different HD in our area, only one out of the three carried the Decora brand..the one in the more upscale area. We got Decora Prescott in cherry wood with a natural coffee glaze.

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Another happy customer using HD Thomasville. Got good promos from both HD and cabinet company; small issues we had with the order were handled fast and kindly by working directly with thomasville. We did walk in with a nearly complete design, and we worked with a wonderful KD, so all that helps, We also wanted to keep a chunk of change handy just in case, so an 18 month same as cash deal did the trick; none of the local cabinet makers could offer financing, let along something that good.

Also, we hired our own GC who did the install - using their GC would have more than doubled our costs.

Good luck picking.

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