washed winter gloves; now big problem

steelskiesDecember 20, 2013

I washed a bunch of winter gloves and 2 of them came out with the entire lining outside the glove. Meaning the insides are inside out and hanging out of the glove. I've tried in the past to put the fingers back into the glove with no success. Is there some hint to this.

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Just work at it slowly. Try working your fingers into the liner and then into the glove.

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I do what kris_zone6 does--carefully get my fingers into the liner (it's tricky because it's inside out) and then from there work them slowly into the glove. Don't try to rush it, otherwise it'll just bunch up. And you also have to put your whole hand in at once--not one finger at a time, if that makes sense. Do it the way you would if you were really putting it on your hand. It may not actually be possible, if the inside fabric is not smooth enough to allow you to push the fabric back in, but it's worth a try. I've had some success with this method, and don't know of another one.

Best of luck.


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Put the part that covers the palm and the back of the hand first. Then use a 6 inch wooden dowel to push each finger up into the glove fingers. Take your time and it will work.

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Use a chop stick to get the liners back in. I've had this happen before and this is how I corrected it.

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Chop Stick--great idea, jakvis!

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