Finding Manufacturer of mobile home

Stan88February 12, 2014

I am looking at purchasing a manufactured home that has been extensively remodeled. I can't get the bank to finance the house because we can't find the name of manufactured home. Does anyone know where I can find the HUD stickers or the manufacturer name on the home? The home has new siding, newer kitchen cabinets and a new furnace. The title has the manufacturer as 1995 NDRC and it has a Hull Identification No. I can't find a manufacturer that matches the above description. I was told to look on the siding. (The old siding was torn off and the HUD tags were not kept.)
I was told I could find the HUD sticker under the kitchen sink and on the furnace. Both have been replaced and there is no HUD sticker. Is there any other location to find the manufacturer? I would like to buy this house, but I would like to know what type of house I am buying.

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I have provided a link to the page of the HUD website addressing this very issue. Hope it helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: HUD website

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Look in the kitchen cabinet cupboards under the sink. Some are also located in the master bedroom closet.

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Banks don't like to finance used ones since they lose value and can easily be gone in a hurricane or tornado.

I went to look at a co=op with mobile homes and they said that banks won't lend you money because you don't own the land you own a share.

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Section 3280.5 of the Standards require the Data Plate to be located at the electrical panel. If not located there, the location is supposed referenced from there.

I don't recognize the acronym N.D.R.C. either. Personally, I would try contacting the current owner's insurance agent to see what name they have on file for this home.

No lender will lend money on a used home if you can't produce the HUD Certification Label numbers (they were attached to the original siding).

There is one more piece of information that might be useful. The original serial number is still on the home, and sometimes you can get a clue of the manufacturer from that number (each one is unique). It's located on the front cross-member. (This is the deep, steel beam located at the hitch-end of the home. It will run vertically and be located on the outside, opposite the main longitudinal beam, usually on the left side (as you face the front of the home).

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