solid hardwood..remodel

basal1999February 27, 2013

we are purchasing a 2002 liberty 16x64. we want to put hardwood throughout. will weight be an issue.

also when we take up carpet and linoleum we will see how the osb is...if damaged we will replace with plywood, if not damaged...should we put plywood over the osb?

there seems to be debate if osb is good enough.

also from what ive seen planks are layed long ways..i was thinking of laying them the short way..anyone do this? any pictures?

thanks for any help/suggestions,

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Hardwood floors look better laid so that the planks go in the longer dimension, in general. Laying them the shorter dimension will make the room look chopped up. Think of how a hallway would look with the planks going across it rather than lengthwise. same thing, but less obvious. You need the planks to flow into the hall or next room.

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Planks look better laid the long way. Why take up the lino, let it be a vapor barrier if its not all torn up. I have covered over my lino floors in the kitchen with quality laminate.

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