Leaky windows making me NUTS!

beth1954February 21, 2012

Our mobile home seems to keep settling. We had a 2 year drought, now we are getting quite a bit of rain. Nothing works properly anymore. The front door barely shuts, the back door leaks and the hallway floods because of it. We have at least 5 leaky windows. We have to put towels on the window sill, and replace them when they get totally soaked with water. We have had some of those windows caulked--twice--and still have the leaks. The wood on the window sills is getting soft. We don't have much money...at all.......I'm really concerned and don't know how to get this fixed w/o it costing a fortune! Any ideas??

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Wow, you really have a mess on your hands there! When you have alot of rain like that, it could be your roofing! Have you checked to see if there are any shingles along the roof that may have blown off? Perhaps it's time to call in a contractor to give you a "free" estimate. Do you have insurance?

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My handy-man friend has been on the roof since the leaks started and he didn't mention anything looking bad. He notices EVERYTHING! I guess I should have someone come and look at it, but I'm afraid it will be way too expensive for me. We have very little money to spare for repairs, but I know it's important to get them done. My friend has been real busy, and didn't have the time to look at them for me again the last time he was here. Thanks for responding, Pippie!

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If it is a newer home the windows will come off fairly easy, I would pull the windows and reset them, it should not take more then 1 hr per average window.

Resident manager of over 20 years.

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OK, when you say reset, does that just mean to pull them out, maybe caulk or replace trim and put them back in?
By the way, it's a 1998 Fleetwood.

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