interior design ideas for double wides

ronbreFebruary 17, 2009

christopher Lowell has a great book on interior design for double wide homes called You Can Do It Small Space potter press..

If you have any interior design needs for a double wide check it is really great

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Thanks! We are thinking of manufactured housing for our retirement, so I will definitely look into this. Thanks for posting this.

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it is really a cool book, you might want to check it out before you buy, as it has some room specific ideas that are quite fascinating.

My husband and i are retired and have a large double wide and we love it..there are always a few problems with manufactured housing, but we are settled into being happy with ours now after a few headaches..

most are mentioned in other posts on this site, like cracks in drywall.

ours is a rather large doublewide at 2040 sq of my favorite parts is that the family room is a long way from the living room and then entry way..hubby claimed family room for himself and half the time he is sleeping in there or watching t v..and he has a head injury, so it is best that he be out of the public stream..and he is.

ours also has guest quarters on opposite end of master ..which is great if you have guests..more private..we had my mom stay with us for several months..and it was a blessing.

i had 3 priorities for a home when ours burned..sadly i got none of them.

i wanted all windows to tip in to clean..only bottoms do.
i wanted room in the laundry room for a freezer..not
i wanted the coat closet just inside the front door with a separate entry..also not

think of your priorities when you shop and don't let hubby talk you out of i did.

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Ronbre, did you ever get a freezer? We are moving into a 28x60 DW next week (god willing the lawyers get their act together). We have a 4 ft.+ upright freezer and the only place we can mentally place it is in the laundry room with stackable W/D and removal of cabinets. Did you, or anyone else here, find an alternative place for the freezer? It won't fit in the kitchen without blocking a window and sticking out into the breakfast area. Rest of the house is carpeted, but there could be room in the gigantic second bedroom which will be used for crafts, office, etc.

PS - I still have your living room in my dream file and am using it for furniture and lamp placement ideas. Just bought a couch and chair and a huge ent. center for the big blank wall,

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I am impressed that double wides have a better, more modern floor plan than "stick built".
Plus, they may well be built better. The trouble is their public perception and the old time cheapness....this will stick for a long, long time. We were looking at a 24 x 42, on a decent basement on a Bowers Bridge Manchester ..All the rooms were too small...laundry room in the basement..

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I actually also look for interior design ideas on the web and fortunately I can see many of them. I then get tips and advices from sites so I can apply them when designing homes. These kinds of sites really help me in deciding what kind of design should I implementing on houses.

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