I moved into a double wide or modular home?

swamp_thingFebruary 16, 2006

I would like some help in decorating my home/a site maybe with pictures to give me ideas on how to decorate with furniture and stuff?Carpet is blue thorough out and I have rooms that I never had before and I do not know what kind of furntiure to buy or anything like that?Can somoeone help me out here? Thank you swamp thing

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Your title asked if it was a double wide or a modular and your post was about decorating.
What do you want to know? Is your home a double wide vs a modular, or decorating?

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Hello I guess it would be a double wide but I wanted some ideas on how to furnish one?I have a eat in kitchen and not sure what kind of furniture would look good really I guess I just want to see some of them already fix up so I can get some ideas on just what would look good in here?I got very large windows and would really like to know what kind of draperies would work,blinds,or shades and so on?Thank you

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You furnish a double wide, modular or single wide home the same as any other house out there. It doesn't matter how the house was built or what name they give it, it's still a home and you decorate a home how you want your home decorated. The sky is the limit..nothing should hold you back because your house is a modular instead of stick built!

Do you have a favorite decorating style? Country? Traditional? Modern? What are your favorite colors? What items do you have now that you want to keep? Which do you want to change?

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I am just amazed that you have rooms you have never had before ...what would those be, those new rooms??

As for window covers, most modular/mobile come w/ something - but maybe yours isn't new off the lot.

What have YOU liked in the years YOU have lived, so far?

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I lived in a one bedroom apartment for most of my married life? I got a three bedroom one is an office, I got a family room,a dining room, a eat in kitchen,a living room so that is a lot of more room for me and as for decorating I am no good at it?Blue carpet throught out,it seems like the red,white,and blue works good?Thank you all for the help I really can use it. I use curtains on my other windows but wanted something that would look good on these windows?Bye for now swamp thing

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I sort of know what you mean. I lived in NYC all of my life in a railroad apartment.

Purchased an older double wide mobile home...I have 3 bedroom, den, laundry/mud room, diningroom and a bathroom I could almost move into....with skylights, and 3 porches. Oh I also have regular kitchen and livingroom also but so much more then I am used to...at first I got lost in the rooms....

I feel like a queen....painted the walls, and surrounded my self with things I love. Moved down here with husband and we knew he had terminal cancer so now...I am alone with my 2 indoor cats and 2 wild outdoor cats and many new friends.

Choices are up to you and where you live. I am slowly going to go rattan in many things but I live in North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.....after NY this is a whole new thing...enjoy it.

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Hi Swamp thing,

Here is a link to our house. It is a double wide. Soon I will be adding more pictures because I am just finishing changing the guest room for the office and moving some furniture in the living room to other places. I am not done quite yet with the move. I will add the new pictures in a day or so.

There are glass fronted doors in the kitchen. I had our neighbor take my cabinet doors and cut the raised panel out of them and add the glass and I love it. Opened up the room so much and I was NOT using those cabinets so I put my china in them.

We have three bedroom two bath. so we have an office in one of the extra bedrooms and a guest room in the other. No family room and we do have an eat in kitchen. As you will see I am into green and purple but just go with any colors you want.


Here is a link that might be useful: House

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Hi shades_of_idaho,

If you are in Idaho, what manufactured home (brand) do you have? Is it well weatherized? I just spent some time house sitting in a manufactured home in zero degree temps. They use a wood stove, but also have an electric furnace, which I had to use at night just to make sure we didn't have frozen pipes. It seemed fairly well insulated (although I don't have any idea what their power bill is) and I think the pipes under the house are insulated and are next to the furnace ductwork.

I don't believe the windows and doors are the best (they bought it used and not sure of the manufacturer but are close to Idaho). Just wondering what quality of home is available in that area.

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Sounds like you need to take a field trip to a local shopping area and wander around some furniture stores. Upscale ones where pieces are arranged as in "rooms," not piled up like boxes of cornflakes like in the discount stores. Visit more upscale department stores and look at the window treatment displays available. (It's a good idea to leave the credit card at home during the initial visits.)

Unless you wish to keep the patriotic theme going full time in every room, I'd forget the red, white and blue scheme. I don't believe it's going to create a comfortable feel in your home. You're stuck with the blue carpet in every room for now so take a piece of it with you when you go to look at furniture, curtains, paint, linens, etc. Keep it with you at all times as it is the foundation color of all your rooms and everything you choose will need to be keyed to it.

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I will have to look up the paper work on our MF home to see if it was built in Oregon or Washington. Right now I just do not remember. We are the second owners so not as ingrained in my mind.Our MFH is a Marlett built is 1994 or 1995. Six inch walls. We also put on a new metal roof making the roof a little more insulated by another layer and letting the snow slide easier.

We do not have a wood stove in the house. We do have one in the shop. We have regular electric Central heat. The house is nice and warm and we also experienced the same zero and below weather. The month before last our electric bill was $160.00. We were having record breaking cold temps for the whole month. We also run a hot tub outside and I leave two 100W light bubls running in my dog grooming room to keep it from freezing up, when I am not grooming ,then I use a heater, because it is not heated in the house system. It is an add on. And we run a heater in the well house on low. So we are using a lot of electricity that someone else might not be using.Last month the electric bill dropped to $130.00. Runs about $40.00 in the summer. We have to pump all our water since we are on our own well. We have a HUGE garden so lots of water pumped in the summer.

We have good windows. I think they are called Alpine and they are vinyl double pane. The only thing about the windows is they tend to get moldy in the tracks in the winter because the glass sweats and then drip into the tracks and I am forever wiping them with vinegar to clean them.

We shopped a lot in Idaho and Oregon for MFH,we are close to the Oregon border,and the MFH we were looking at all had good insulation and windows. We had chosen a Nashua but then our friends had this place and wanted to move to Weiser and we wanted to move back to Cambridge so we traded places. So I did not get my pretty new Nashua.:^((( We had a Fleetwood in Weiser for a year and a half and it had a wood stove we only used a couple of times. We do not like wood stoves. They are dirty and they bother my breathing.

We have decided after living in two MFH that we would never hesitate buying another one.We have had 4 log houses and several stick built homes and as far as we are concerned the MFH are far better. I am just hoping we do not move again.


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Sorry for going OT on your thread. The home I just housesat had med-dark blue carpet initially throughout. They were able to replace most of it with new carpet or flooring. But did keep it in two of the rooms. They used a really nice soft blue (almost doesn't look blue) on the walls and have greens, browns and neutrals in one room as accents, and blues, rose, and yellow in the other. They both seem to look fine.

The main area of the house is more open and all the walls throughout were white white! They decided to paint them (the main contiguous rooms all the same color as well as the hallways--master bedroom different) and it sure warmed up the space a lot. I would think about wall colors that worked for now with the carpet, but also could flow together with each other and that allowed you a wide range of decorating possibilities.


Thanks for the details on your home. We had the bad wind with the cold and it was nasty (fortunately the power stayed on). I think their power comes from Idaho, but is actually purchased from WA and the rates must be higher than yours. Their hot tub isn't hooked up yet and they have a larger family. I think they have been getting at least a $150 per month bill. Guess that is still cheap compared to other areas of the country!

I have a friend who lived in a manufactured triple wide in Nevada for over 10 years and really liked it. Not sure of the brand although I did go with her when she was looking. She said they would probably have bought a different one if they had known more, but still enjoyed the home.

I know where Cambridge is and it is really pretty through there (the people I was housesitting for were actually in McCall).

We will probably be thinking about whether to move or not in a few years and I'm trying to cover all options (and having a large home now, think I may want something smaller). Will stay in the general area so have to think about the weather--hot and cold!

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