adequate floor strength for 125 gallon aquarium

stotaman1948February 22, 2009

I have an older single wide mobile home (1972 Holly Park 12x72)with a 55 gallon in the living room which is about 15' from one end. The tank is perpendicular to the trailer and has been set up for over 3 years with no problems. We would like to replace the tank with a 125 but wonder if there will be structural issues if we do this. I have done the math on weight/SF and amazingly enough it is the same for both tanks but the fact remains that the weight itself is 600 pounds additional. Do you see any problem with changing out my tank?

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do you have a way to see the stuctural members under the floor? do you know where the steel I beams are, they are the best support under your home..also to spread the weight around you can put something to spread it such as plywood, or some other strong material that will help to provide support..make sure you have no termites or weak areas in your floor..

a refrigerator full of food, or a freezer, probably weighs more than that as well

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