ceiling strips

Naomi MillerFebruary 1, 2010

Hi , my DH and I have started removing all those nasty wall strips in our MH... so far so good, the strips on the walls came off easily, have covered nicely and seem pretty well blended into the wall as far as smoothness... we still have a ways to go on our first full room and one of the questions we have run into is the ceiling strips.... they are not just 'stapled' in as the walls were....they seem to be a T shape that the ceiling panels lock into.... very hard to remove or it seems.... has anyone else out there removed these or found a way to 'cover' them to update the look of the ceiling... I had thought if I could easily remove them, I would cover the old textured ceiling with paintable wall paper that looks like bead board but it seems they are really hard to remove so any one got ideas? or pics? Thanks in advance .....

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No one seems to know so we'll move this on down.

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testing posting pics


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sorry, hadn't found the test forum yet when I tried these.

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