construction standards of 1994 Fleetwood

boatman37210February 11, 2007

Hi, new to forum and would appreciate your help. I'm looking to purchase a 1994 Fleetwood Reflection 14' X 60' mobile home from an individual. The home looks to be in pretty good shape for a 1994. My understanding is that there were HUD standards established in 1976 and Oct, 1994. Since the model year is the same year the 1994 codes went into affect, how do I determine which codes were used to construct the home? I'm assuming those homes constructed the first 10 months of 1994 were done under 1976 codes and those constructed the last 2 months were done under the 1994 codes. It is also possible I guess that some homes constructed in 1993 could be called 1994 models similar to how cars are done.

I am hoping for 2X4 walls and exterior wood sheathing. I guess it would be easy enough to determine if the walls are 2X4, but not sure about verifying the sheathing.

Again, any help is appreciated.

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Unlike cars where the new model years are introduced in September, new year mobiles are often introduced in March or April. Although in the years of the code changes, that could be different. If it was me, the one thing that I would look for is copper wire. If it has aluminum, I think I would pass on it. As you said, you can determine if it has 4" walls. It it has an outside receptacle, if you pull the cover on the box you might be able to see sheathing...or..possibly by pushing on the siding between studs you might tell if there is something solid behind the siding.
If it was me I would worry about the wiring as I mentioned, I would check for flooring soft spots in the bath, under kitchen sink and in front of all windows and doors. If it has a flathish roof, I would be checking the ceiling for signs of leaking. You might want the furnace checked by a service person. The chambers crack over time and people continue to use them.
Since i was in the business of mobile home parks, I have probably owned 75 of the vintage (and older) that you describe. These are the problems that I have encountered.

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