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fllwfanJanuary 16, 2006

I bought a modular home for a small lakehouse this past year. The house was set in September of 2005. I have video of the lot just after it was cleared and at different times of the excavation and basement foundation leading to the video of the house being lifted by crane and set on the foundation.

The house is from Design Homes in Wisconsin. It is a 28' x 42' Loft home. You'll see in the video how they raise the roof on site. I am finishing up the inside ceiling with knotty pine (that will be done next week). I am doing much of the interior work in the loft on my own.

The video is about 16 minutes and 46 seconds. I used some nifty moviemaking software to edit it and added some cheesy music. It is a wmv (Windows Media file).

Click to play video.

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Sorry folks. I had to delete the video file. Took up too much bandwith.

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Here are some videos from Bob Vila's website about a modular home project they did a couple of years ago. They have several segments in the modular factory that show how the houses are stick-built. That is, stick-built in a factory instead of on-site. Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bob Vila - Modular Home videos

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Wow, that house is amazing! I'm definitely going to look into getting a modular home for our next house.

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fllwfan! I was so looking forward to seeing your video!!! We took alot of photos and video, but I don't know how to show people the video, but here are our photos! We set this in 2004! I learned sooooooooooo much from sooooooooo many mistakes!


Here is a link that might be useful: Our Modular Building Slideshow

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BEAUTIFUL home Michele! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Wow! We are having a Modular home built (actually is finished, just waiting to be delivered)that will be used as a model home for a business. It is a Cape style with the second floor and one large dormer. It is our first try at this, and since it isn't going on a permanent site, it will be put on pylons. Then when it is finished being used as a model, we can sell it or move it onto a lot of our own. Can you give us any advice or suggestions on things to watch for? Where is your home? I am assuming that the neighborhood is comprised of all modular homes or is there a mixture?

BTW, a lovely home!

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