Redman homes of Indiana?

addictedtorosesJanuary 19, 2006

This company has a division in Texas and they have two story models. They look less expensive than some modular homes I've looked at, but they also look like they might be just the cheap mobile homes stacked on top of each other. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Does anyone know how the quality compares to site-built or other modulars?

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Cheap is the word I would use. I had a friend who had a Redman. 1993, I believe. For being brand new at the time there seemed to be too many imperfections. As I recall she had a hard time getting them to come out and fix things. But the company could have changed since then.

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addictedtoroses, run fast and run far! These are very poorly built homes. In 2001 we put up one of their modular ranches. It was a huge disappointment and a waste of money. I wanted to sell it the day we moved into it. Thankfully three years later we sold it. I would hate to see anyone go through what we did. They build their modulars the same cheap way they build their single and double wides. Please look elsewhere for a good quality home. A good quality modular will not necessarily save you money. It will only save you on construction time. It is very difficult to get them to come to do repairs and when they do get there, they do whatever is the quickest "fix" so they can move on to their next job. Needless to say, the problem is never really "fixed."

Good luck!

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We bought one in 1993 to put on our country property for a weekend home. Yes, cheap is the word! You have to pull down the outside (storm window) every time you leave the house, as if it rains, the particle board sill (between the 2 windows) will get wet and rot. The gas stove would only burn with an orange, instead of blue, flame, and everything I baked in it was smoked. I notified the company, and heard nothing. I tried to get a local company to fix it and they refused to work on it, so I just don't bake when we go there. One night we turned on the electric water heater, and went to town for dinner. When we returned, we smelled wires burning and traced it to the water heater. We had to remove a panel in the "master bedroom" closet to get to it, and take the top off. The wires had overheated and scorched the insulation. After my electrician husband repaired it himself, we only run it until the water's heated enough for showers, and turn it off. We called the dealer and they said they would "see what they could do." Again, nothing. We still have it, and use it, and our 5 grandchildren love spending time there with us, but we could never live there full time with all of its faults!

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