Advice needed for our very retro kitchen

LucianMomJanuary 9, 2014

Hi there - The time has come for us to update (every so slightly) our very retro kitchen. We will be replacing the antique range with something slightly more modern and better working. While we are at it, we planning to peel the wallpaper and repaint the room. We are seeking suggestions on what color. As you can see from the photo, the counters are blue, the cabinets are wood, and the floor in a multicolored (cream, blue, pink, etc.) linoleum. So... what paint color? Thanks in advance!

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Sell the range. Someone will want it and there are places that rehab these things. Don't just send it to the landfill.

Most new ranges will be narrower at 30".

Also check out Retrorenovation for ideas to renovate in a Retro sympathetic way if you are interested in doing so.

If you are keeping the counters a deeper version of that blue would be nice I think.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ineffable, Where might one find blue countertops?


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Bluish: Silestone Blue Sahara
Grayish blue: Ceasarstone Pebble
Medium: Zodiaq Borealis Blue

Cambria: Bala Blue
Bristol Blue
Waterford (all greyish with blue inclusions)
Corian: Blueberry Ice

And a few Formica, Wilsonart, Abet Laminati and other laminates in more true lighter blues.

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I'm actually heading to Lowes tomorrow to look at Corian's Azurite and Mint Ice. Most of the blues I see are grey, but I will look at your list ... thanks!

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The colors you'll be left with are blue (counters), cream (floors) and brown (cabinets) which go together well. I would choose a cream color for the walls. But if you are feeling adventurous, you might want to look at some very pale blues. The first image is of a blue, cream, brown dream kitchen (from Cream City Construction Company - don't you love that name?).

You can see the wall color by the fridge is a pale cream. Pretty, I think. The blue of your counters is much paler than the blue of their island, and that gives you a little wiggle room. The colors below are by Farrow and Ball, a British paint company, but they can be matched and turned into samples at any paint store in the US.

Colors below are, from left, James White, Pointing, Cabbage White, and one of my favorite colors, Borrowed Light.

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These are great suggestions. I have reached out to some companies re: buying our stove. It would be great if we can get something for it. At the very least, I plan to offer it for free via freecycle or craigslist, so hopefully someone can make sure of it.

The paint color suggestions are great. While I am tempted to go dark, the room is extremely small so I am a bit nervous about that. Cream might be a good option instead.

So now, another questions for everyone. What about replacing the hinges and handles. I have searched everywhere and can't seem to find anything that might work. Thoughts or suggestions? Or better to leave as is...

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The hinges and pulls that you have are a classic choice for that cabinet style and look "right" in your kitchen (not that I am any expert; it's just what I'm used to seeing with cabinets like yours). If you were to change them out, you might need to either find hinges with the same footprint or restain the doors. So unless you actively dislike them, I would leave them exactly as they are. Taking them off and painting them might be easier than replacing them entirely because of the hinge footprint, but I think that the black you have looks better than most anything else would anyway.

I think cream on the walls sounds lovely, and then you could accessorize with fun retro colors if you want.

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I think you are kind of right re: the hinges / knobs. I am just not such a fan of the faux colonial look! But, replacing them might be more complicated than I am ready to get into right now. Thanks for the suggestions.

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A nice blue might be Valspar's Oxygen White (you can't tell from the name but it really is a soft pale blue). I think a cream that plays well with the cabs will look good, but also like the idea of bringing the counter color onto the walls. That shade of blue does look very nice with the cabinets.

I am sure that I had these cabinets in my last house!
I agree with you that I never liked the hardware, but changing the hinges would be a monstrous pain. Maybe change just the handles, and stick with something simple and black.

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I hadn't really even considered changing the knobs / pulls and not the hinges. Going with something black is a great idea.

And thanks for the paint suggestion!

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