Window replacement

downsouth31January 14, 2013

Ok here goes I am replacing 3 windows in my 1994 double wide measured and ordered the replacements. The problem is I measured them for rough opening and the windows have no nailing flange on the out side so how do I install them into an rough opening. The double wide had really thin window trim and under that is bare studs, I measured from the bare studs. My questions is can I install replacement windows into a Rough opening without the nail flange and how best way to seal the window

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Here ia a link to instructions on how to install a window. Since you are installing a non-mobile home window into a rough opening the instructions for a stick built house apply, especially the parts about sealing it to prevent water infiltration.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to install a window

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We have replaced about 1/2 our windows and luckily the local window/siding/door shop near us had flange type windows we could order. Ordering special windows cost about $30 more per window but it was worth it. I order two windows, pay 1/2 at that time - two weeks later pick them up and pay the balance. Planning on getting the last 1/2 this summer. Maybe you can look around and find a place that sells the ones with the flange on. Good Luck.

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I have been doing replacement windows for many yrs. When i seen your "spray in foam" part the following. Enjoy the idea! Expanding foam upon virtually any wooden support frames or even plastic windows/doors is actually poor. It may seem very good in the meantime, nevertheless with time your stress in the expanding foam will certainly go virtually any shape, regardless of the amount of skews/nails are usually having the idea in.

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