Floor seams opening up?

supersport396January 16, 2008

I have a 99 oakwood dw and over the last year or so i've noticed some grooves under the carpet. I believe its the joints between the plywood opening up. It seems to be an all over condtion all through the house.

Is this normal? While walking barefoot its really annoying.



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Do you live in an area with winters? Our floors do weird things in the winter like that. However, they go back when it warms back up.

Are the floors flat other than that? We had trouble a few years ago with the floor between the joists dipping or humping up. We did some inspecting underneath the trailer and found that we had a water leak. The leak was small but it had been there for some time, enough that the insulation was soaked and once the water couldn't soak in there anymore, it started soaking into the subfloor. Do some inspecting to be sure!

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We had our kitchen vinyl replaced. I was curious to see under it as a subfloor seam was showing thru. The flooring guy said sometimes they just don't get them down tight.
He may have added another screw, i forget.. but he did sand the edges to match, then put down quickset before putting down the new vinyl.

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