The lack of gutters

starrJanuary 16, 2012

I just went to view an old Palm Harbor and my daughter pointed out that there are no gutters on the house. Is this normal?

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Yes, it's normal. Our brand new home has no gutters. However, it doesn't mean the home doesn't NEED gutters; we find we are needing them very badly. It's not a horribly expensive thing to get done. Just be sure the downspouts have extenders long enough so that you won't get water on the ground/pad under your home. You really don't want moisture there.

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What's your definition of "old"? Some very old houses were designed with eaves that don't require gutters. Or the gutters were hidden under the eaves out of sight. cathyyg is right, they are not very expensive. A good inspector will be able to tell if the house needs gutters or not. The damage if there is any) after all these years would already be apparent. A resource like "old house journal" could answer your question. Good luck.

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Jaysmom49 must not have noticed that this post was in the manufactured home forum.

Old stick-built house do indeed often have lovely deep eaves - but older mobile homes often do not have any roof overhang at all. Those homes with no eaves are best avoided. Newer homes have a pretty normal roof overhang which allows for the installation of gutters exactly as you would on a stick-built house.

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''Those homes with no eaves are best avoided''

Gosh I hope no one in my prospective market reads this. Mine is a '98 and has no eaves on the long sides, but does have eaves on the short ends.

Anyone know how hard or expensive it is to add eaves?

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You would have to build a completely new roof, from the trusses out. The good news is that it would be much stronger than your existing roof, and you could get a steeper slope if you want. The bad news is that it would be expensive.

This is unlikely to affect your home sale much. The market for a 14 year old home is primarily price-driven, and your buyers are likely to be somebody who wants to buy a unit to rent for income, or who cannot afford a newer home. The lack of eaves isn't likely to be an obstacle in either case.

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