Skirting info, please.

mudlady_gwJanuary 9, 2008

My "new" double wide is now three years old and today, for the second time since building, some skirting blew off. I live in an area where we almost always have a breeze, and it is not unusual for us to get some very strong gusts here. I absolutely hate the standard white skirting the dealer installed and very much regret I didn't spend the money to set cement blocks to look like a foundation. I would like to find a more attractive, printed type of skirting. However, I have seen only a few examples in my area and none are realistic enough to satisfy me. I wish I could find a faux brick or stone, but I would also accept a decent shade of grey colored regular skirting.

Also, what can I do to remain intact when it is very gusty.


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The skirting system that is popular in this area has vinyl panels that install vertically. They can be secured with a screw at each end. The panels also have vent slots in them, which is good. But the material is thin and a weedeater will cut right through. Vinyl siding pieces installed in the same top and bottom track are much more durable, but are not ventilated.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is similar

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Here are a few links for you to look at:

Hope these help. I also love the brick or stone looking skirting, but we just couldn't afford that... Maybe some day. Good luck!

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Hi Y'All,

Looking for ideas, comments, suggestions on how to repair/replace exteriot underground skirting from the ground to the floor frame. There is 26' of wood skirting crumbled and needs to be replaced. Would appreciate your input.

Kind regards,

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