do modular homes have an underbelly

west9491January 21, 2012

I have a mobile home. We are considering moving OR trading up to a modular home. I want to know some of the differences mainly concerning energy efficiency:

- The energy efficiency of my house is terrible, I can feel drafts all over, and structurally, the house is only a frame with cheap insulation and thin sheetrock and only the outside metal walls to protect the insulation and sheetrock.


= I have had several problems involving the underbelly, I will never deal with this again. DO MODULAR HOMES HAVE UNDERBELLIES?

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Modular houses are built to the local building code, same as site-built houses.

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I live in a Modular Home. It has outer walls that are 6 inches thick with full insulation, totally sealed with OSB like a stick built house and then the wrap over that. Windows and doors are regulation just like you would go buy at Lowe, Home Depot or any building supply. It is built to local codes as well as FHA codes, on a permanant block foundation just like any stick built house.. we do have insulation and plastic underneath as added energy feature. Just be sure and go over all that the model you are looking at offers. We had to pay extra for the 6 in walls and the sheetrock is the thicker one, not the very thin hardboard. Our house is very energy effecient and well worth the cost of the extra upgrades. Check more than one dealer and compare what you want with what they offer.

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I too live in a modular. It had to be built to the EXACT SAME codes as a site built home. I too have 6 inch outer walls that are fully insulated. I have a 5/12 roof pitch as required for snow weights here in Vermont. It is VERY energy efficient as I use a woodstove for my primary heat source. And I can heat it for a full Vermont winter for under $400. It's on a full 9 foot tall basement so if I want to build down there I'll have normal ceiling heights.

Now here's the thing about modulars. They are generally NOT cheaper than a site built home. The land costs the same, the well and septic costs the same, the lot clearing costs the same. The advantage is TIME. We placed our order on Labor Day weekend, and we were having Thanksgiving dinner in the completed home.

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I have a 1991 DW that has 6inch sidewalls and is very energy efficient. It is an option that can be chosen when built. I have also owned a modular and worked at the company that built both. Having been in both plants while they were being built, I can tell you it is simply the options you want to pay for whether it be a modular or a manufactured home, at least at this company.

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The house is usually built to the highest code of all the states the company delivers to.

A good modular company doesn't skimp on materials, they make money through efficiency.

I'm in the later stages of building one. It's done, and partially delivered. There are many options available and you can have anything you want done, you just have to ask. If there is anything the company is not willing to do, a good contractor will have the connections to complete any on site work you need.

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