Mobile home sub flooring replacement?

macarthurfamilyJanuary 22, 2007

Hi! We are in no way carpenters, but we were wondering if anyone could say how difficult it is to replace the sub floor under the carpet in our living room? It's rotted in one spot, where an AC leaked all summer one year, and we really can't afford a carpenter's fees to replace it.


Thanks in advance for any and all assistance! =)

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It's very easy. Just new plywood if the floor joists aren't rotted.

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When the unit was built originally, the floor deck was built, the walls were built separately and then the walls were set in place on the deck. So the subfloor runs under the walls. The original subfloor probably is an engineered board similar to wafer board. But it is stronger (per unit of thickness) than the stuff at the lumber yard. It may be 5/8" thick. It does not tolerate water at all. Use plywood for any patches for the subfloor. If the plywood is slightly thinner, use black building paper to build up the thickness. I prefer to use the paper under the subfloor as strips on the joists, as many as needed to get the proper height.

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you'll need to carefully pull the carpet back, to expoase the rotten area. The cut this area out in an exact square removing any rotten material, with a skill saw set to depth, cut centerd over floor joists so you'll have a nailer for the new piece. Then remove it and inspect the floor joists under it. If OK, replace the rotten piece with a new piece of subfloor, and reset the carpet. It's an easy job but plan on spending all day that way you won't get rushed. You can probably do it in 2 hours or so, but still.

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Our AC unit leaked and rotted the floor out in the kitchen/utility of our mobile home. My question is what to do about the flooring underneath the cabinets and walls between Unit and Washer/Dryer? Also wanting to replace flooring in living room and bathrooms but that part should be easier I hope. Thank you for your help in advance!

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That sounds like a big leak. Maybe you could remove the rotten wood and just slide the new wood underneath.

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I had my mobile home leveled as it was not set up properly in the beginning. Now although the home itself is level, the floor dips down going into the kitchen. Is there anything that can be done to shore that part of the house up? I was told that it was the subfloor and that the house was level. Any ideas.

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the flooring in these type of homes is always water damage I had a dip in the closet when I check it was next to hot water heater and removeing the panel for heater the floor was gone heater had sunk the little leak in the laundry room that gave me a dip in the kitchen has spread from mater bath, laundry room, closet in master bed room and Kitchen but I keep telling my wife its all right I can fix it. my advice for anyone with thoughts on one of these homes buy it cheep or don't buy it at all. Fleetwood Homes won't reply

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