Cigarette smoke out of synthetics?

jamesfjamesfDecember 17, 2010

Hello..I bought a used motorcycle jacket made from Cordura. Ran it through 2 washings with Woolite and it still reeks. The manufacturer says to use "soap flakes or non-biologic liquid soap". Is there anything out there that fits this requirement? I can get soap flakes as a special order but if there's something off the shelf (I'm in Massachusetts).



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Try just hanging it outside for a while. Cig smell isn't -that- permanent. If fresh air kills dust mites and bed bugs, surely it can cut cigarette. Did you try febreeze?

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Try ODOBAN. It comes in a gallon container and is a godsend for managing odorous laundry!

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Dreft or Ivory Snow are available in most grocery stores, Walmart, Target, etc.

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Have you tried soaking in some water and baking soda? Or water and vinegar? Either one should remove the odor.

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