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eileendJanuary 23, 2006

I am in the process of deciding rebuilding or modular. Will need to tear down existing home. I am considering Haven Homes located in Pa. Need advice.

What are the differences between 2x10, 2x8, and 2x6 ceiling or floor joists. (don't tell me 2inches) 2x6 for exterior walls ok?

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The greater the unsupported span, the larger the joist must be.
A good architect will have the exact figures, the same with the public library..
IMO, the 2 by 6 on 24" centers is better than 2 x 4s with a 16" span...

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Haven Homes was one of the runner ups for us. We couldn't afford a Westchester Modular which would have been the number one choice for us. The second place (and winner for us) is Excel Modular.

Haven Homes makes a great house. Please be careful to check references locally on your dealer. Our HH dealer had a few Better Business strikes against him.

Good luck,
Country_living (upstate from you)

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I work with upscale builders throughout the Northeast and deal with a number of modular manufacturers. Haven Homes has an excellent reputation for quality and flexibility in plans. Are they a better choice? Can't say for your situation, but you can't do wrong in considering them.

I prefer 2x6 @ 16" o.c. for a rock-solid wall. Some manufacturers will provide 2x8 floor joists where spans and codes allow, but what's allowed isn't always the best choice. I would prefer not to hear dishes rattling when walking across an otherwise legally acceptable floor, for example.

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We also tore down an existing (summer) home and replaced it with a modular from Excel. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I am on the east end of Long Island.

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Hi Kathleen... We are in the process of designing with Excel. Could you tell me more about your experience with them? Does your house look like a 'stick built' home? Is it done with as much quality as you expected? Thanks!


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Hi Juliann,
We had a very good experience with Excel. That being said, I did upgrade as much as possible and would have done more at the time if I knew better. We did put oak floors throughout, tile baths,Andersen windows,fireplace, and we had the den ceiling built on site as we have a cathedral. We have started to upgrade the faucets, they were Delta, but plain, as well as medicine cabs and doorknobs. Do as much upgrading as possible or take a credit and purchase your own.
We have a wrap around porch which along with the garage was built on site. If you send an email address I will email pics.

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I am new to this site, and my interested was tugged at by conversation here about modular home building. We had a "system built" home built on our land almost 2 years ago. I have heard good things about Excel Modular Homes and will look into using them if I did this again. We used NationWide (builder) and Plantation Homes (local dealer). My experience with Nationwide was HORRIBLE! Lots of fauxs on our house! Electrical mishaps, placing electrical boxes too low on front porch, sconces light boxes crooked in the home... the list goes on and on! (see link above for a picture story!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Modular Home Building PICTURE Story!

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Hi my name is Michele and my husband,kids and I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. My husband is an avid gardener and has used this site for quite some time, I am new to it.

I look forward to reading your posts and being able to share info.


Here is a link that might be useful: INTRODUCTIONS - Photos

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Your house is beautiful! Huge compared to mine. As Is said, there were glitches, but no more than when we did stick built. Our outdoor outlets are too low, but that is because we did a porch. I can live with it!
Good luck with your new home, it is lovely.

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I love your house!! I actually kept a picture of your brick front steps(if you don't mind), because I would like the same thing in front of our house. Our house is being delivered from Excel the 3rd week of May. Very nerve wracking!! Did all of your problems get fixed? Let us know how you and your new house are doing!!!

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I have a piece of property out on Long Island and we're going to put up a modular home within the next few months. Has anyone had any experience with Penn Lyon modulars?

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