faux vintage tin ceiling redo

summergardenerJanuary 15, 2009

I love the old tin ceiling look and found a supplier of panels that resemble these. They are made of plastic instead of tin.

I would like to put these in my small bathroom over the original foam panel and plastic strip ceiling. They come in 2X4' panels. These are to be glued onto the existing ceiling using ceramic wall tile adhesive and (recommended)small brads (to stabilize the edges & keep from sagging.)I would paint them white (perhaps an antique looking white/distressed look?)

My bathroom is only 4 and a half feet wide by 7 and a half feet deep. (nothing like measuring it to make you realize how small it is!)It now has the original wood strip/molding. I was thinking that if I used a wider molding (store bought or made/created here), I could maybe get away with only one panel wide and the molding would help support the edges of the panels. I would probably paint it white to match the new ceiling and blend it in since the room is so small.

My questions for you are:

**Has anyone here done anything similar to this? Advice?

**Does anyone have pictures of ceiling mold ideas that I might consider?

**Do you think the molding would look okay in such a small room?

**Has anyone used this type of adhesive on ceiling tiles? Does it work, or is there a better option?

**Does anyone have other ideas for how to go about this?

I am also going to look around to see if there are other options that would give me the same look. If you know of any, I'd really appreciate it.

The site I found:


Thanks for any help. I know that if it is possible to do, you are the people that can talk me through it.

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What a great idea! I've been thinking about using the tin as a backsplash behind my stove in the kitchen. I don't think I could use the plastic (because it is the cooking stove)but I don't think it would take much of it to do behind the stove. Let us know how it works out and good luck. I'm sure it'll look great.

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another possiblity for you might be to use the anaglypta wall paper that resembles tin ceiling tile

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