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secappsJanuary 19, 2007

Is it just me or does the price of the mfg homes in Florida seem to be getting a little out of hand? I have seen some resales for 210,000...on a Palm Harbor. I also see plenty in the 100,000. range and that just seems out of line, but someone must be buying them.

What has happened to trying to downsize when you retire? And, if you find a home with a decent selling price you end up in a community with outrageous rental fees, and a number of other fees.

Isn't there anywhere to go to lower your cost of living in retirement? We have a home right now and it seems we will be stuck in the home as it is cheaper than anything we can find that is half the size of what we have now.

I would like to find a retirement community, but not if it will cost me more than what I have now.

I love the warm weather, but am thinking of looking at other states to see if they have more reasonable communities.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Susie

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I'd suggest southeast Texas if you like woods and west Texas if you like sun.
I believe that we still enjoy the lowest cost of living in the nation and I'm certain we enjoy some of the best weather.

See ya,

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My late husband and I were able to take early retirement in 1999. We moved from a stick built 2 story colonial in Delaware and bought a new DW on 1+ acres in NC - just southeast of Raleigh - no fees because we own the land also. It cost us a total of $102,000 for land and 2100sq ft DW so we have no mortgage only taxes of around $1000/yr. We still get the four seasons but warmer temps for the most part - I love it. Since then my husband has passed away and I remarried but I still live here with my new husband. Even if I hadn't of remarried I would still be here because it is a nice developement of mostly retirees. It can be done you just have to look around....


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What area of Florida are you looking at? I have owned 2 mobile home communities in FL (no longer own) and so know a little about that market. In general you are going to pay for the location rather than the home itself. Take a $100,000 home and put it in a dumpy park and it will sell for $15,000. It's no different than a stick built's always the location that is important.
That being said, if you are seeing the prices that you mention you are looking at a pretty nice community. I know of one place that spent 4 million on their clubhouse, have 24 hour security, etc.. It will cost you a minimum of $150,000 in that place.
So, if that's not your budget, you might have to settle for something that isn't quite so nice. One word of advice, I would never buy in a community unless it is a cooperative...that is, the community is owned by the residents. Almost every nice park - community is in a good location and the land is more valuable for building something other than mobile communities. In Florida 1/2 of all parks that are sold are demolished and used to build apt/condos. In Florida residents are given by law 6 months notice that the place is being closed. Then your $125,000 home is worth $10,000-$15,000. It will be hard to find another place to put it and will cost $6,000-$8,000 to move and set up. If it's a double wide you will be looking at $8,000-$10,000. So DON'T BUY IN A PLACE UNLESS IT'S RESIDENT OWNED. In a resident owned park, you will naturally pay more for a home because you are also buying a share of the land. But, your monthly fees will be less over time because you don't have some company trying to make a profit on the place. So much for that. I hope I have answered some of your questions.
Another alternatie is a condo. I'm not sure what kind of lifestyle you are used to. If you expect to be near the ocean or Disney expect to pay for that location. In many places and in the St Pete area that I am familiar with, you can still get a very average, 2 befroom condo for $100,000. Now don't expect a castle for that price, just an average place in an average neighborhood.
You should know and take into consideration that insurance in Florida has skyrocketed. For a $200,000 house in the north that can be insured for $500, it will cost you $3,000 in many parts of Florida. And, there is no guarantee that it won't jump.
I guess to summarize, there are options that are cheaper than you have mentioned. Good luck on the retirement. Maybe we'll be neighbors:-)

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