Damage to New Mobile Home

steggieJanuary 6, 2007

Hi, this is my first post and I would like to know what you think about my problem. I have been living in a NEW mobile home for 2 months (it is a 2004 which sat on the dealers lot, new, never lived in) A month after I lived in it I noticed rainwater coming in the living room and a bedroom (it is a single wide 2 b/r, 2 baths) I told the dealer where I bought it from about this and he sent someone over to replace some missing shingles. The water continued to come in, the ceiling is sagging and the walls and floors are showing signs of water.

I hired an inspector and he said it needed a new roof and took pictures of a poor patch job and nail holes, etc on the roof and the problems inside.

I have called this matter to the attention of an attorney because the dealer was dragging his feet and refused to do anything further until he heard from the manufacturer. In the meantime 4 weeks went by with heavy rains and the water was literally cascading down my living room wall.

The manufacturer had now agreed to put a new roof on and fix the interior damage.

Now this is where I need your views: If I let them do all this work, I still wind up with a damaged unit (possibly mold in walls & ceilings, which could be very dangerous)

and I paid for a NEW unit. (I lived in a moldy place before that I was allergic to) Should I not be compensated somehow for the repair mess that I will have to go thru.?? What about if, as the attorney said, I could sue for a new replacement unit, would you not want to be compensated for all the trouble one has to go thru such as living in a hotel while I wait for a new unit to be put on the lot??? I'm not a young person and am totally confused as to how to handle this and if I will be compensated for the mess that I have to go thru either way this goes.

Your opinions will be appreciated. Thank you.

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I'm no attorney, but looking at this from your standpoint, I'd say you are right, you should be compensated by the dealer and the manufacturer, by recieving a new unit, hotel expences, attorney fees, funrinute storage fee's, and stress related fee's/ Or a new unit valued at three times what you paid for this one. Talk to your attorney some more, see what he can/will do.

My Uncle bought a truck from a used car dealer. This signed a disclaimer saying this truck had never been wrecked. A few weeks later he ran into the previous owner's father. Father said: "it's amazing what the body shop did to that truck after my son almost totalled it". Uncle saw attorney, attorney said: "you get three times what you paid for it".
Turned out, the son signed a disclaimer first, when trading this truck to the dealer, that it had never been wrecked. Previous owner had to pay.

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