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intheforestJanuary 12, 2006

love this new forum.

We bought property in 2000 (17 acre) with a trailorhome on it with the plans to build in 5-6 years. We are getting closer to that time and I am getting itchy for my new home. He says it will still be a couple years as he is just getting a new business off the ground-but I say it will happen b/f the twins enter school(2 1/2yr now). We already have a septic and water, built in 95, So we are good there.

So it is time to start researching. We have batted back an forth whether to build ourselves, or go modular. His dad built a beautiful cabin out of cedar logs (he logged himself)about 7 years ago, that is one way to go, but I don't think he is up to the task again-especially one 2-3 times as big. So...we are leaning toward the modular natural wood siding or log look. I think Prairie du Chein has 3 different dealers (Design homes, All American homes, and ?. Dubuque has some as well - I have plans to visit the one at Dyersville off 20-I've been drooling over their display home as I drive by occasionally-it is very similar to what I envision here but maybe a diff size-I'm not even sure which co. it is-there are so many near here that they blur together. I pass sections en rout every day on the roads. Back at my parents west of Des Moines, people are putting up new mansions all over the place in the country. My jaw hit the floor when my mom told me they were modular. It is amazing what they can do.

Any advise on some of these midwest companies?

Also any advise on withstanding storms-my hubby says he doesn't think we can build a basement. We live on carst topography, and the site is a long, though gradual, slope. I suggested if we can't dig down, maybe build up on the front side for a walkout basement-unfortunaty that would face wrong for storms-west-but better than nothing.


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Design Homes in Prairie Du Chein is a first class company. Do your homework and compare that company with any others you check out. Even do a tour of their factory and you will see that they are not building trailers.

We just had our Design Home set on our basement this month and the finishing crew came a week later to complete the project. They were here for a week. All that is left for us to do is hook up the plumbing and propane.

What we have is a home with the high standards of a stick built home and the convenience of having it done quickly.

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I toured Design Homes on Monday, I have been through the models a few times. But wanted to see the construction process. Nice tour gives you some insight on how they are made. Should be very energy efficient.

On my trip back to Milwaukee, we took Highway 18 and stopped in at Hockheimer Homes. (they have web page) They are from Iowa actually. But anyhow there prices seemed very reasonable and they had some specials.

I would check them all out before you decide on one.

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What is the modular company on the way to Dyersville on 20? Love the home they have there with the pond. What city is it considered?


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Our neighbor has a home from Design Homes and is very disappointed with them. They have had many drywall problems along with stairs and ceilings. We were pretty close to buying one from them and FIL talked us out of it and wanted to build one instead which we did.

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We have now been in our Design Home since January and can say nothing but great things about them! We had a re-curring roof leak at first and even though they had to make the two + hour drive to get to us, they responded immediately each time we called. The problem was fixed!

They guarantee their homes for a year and really do stand by that guarantee. This is the first new home I have lived in where there is absolutely no cracking dry wall at all. We are extremely impressed.

Before buying this modular, we bought a Linwood Home kit for a coach house above the garage. We lived in that on weekends while we contructed the basement that the modular is on. The Linwood Home took us forever to build ourselves and the final product is far inferior to the modular from Design Homes.

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