Moving an older mobile home

kelly_patJanuary 14, 2009

Last year my husband and I purchased a 24 x 80 1972 double-wide that has been in the same location since it was originally set up. I would like to turn it 180 degrees so that the front will face where one end faces now. My husband is afraid it would tear it up to move it.

Has anyone ever moved a mobile home this old? Have you ever relocated on the same lot? Any suggestions?

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Local regulations may control your plans. In my area, a mobile home built prior to July 1976 may not be moved and then again used as a residence. Consult a mobile home transporter about the technical aspects and cost of moving.

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Like bus-driver said, depends on local codes. That being said, it can be done, but take into consideration it will basically have to be dis assembled. For example the electrical,sewage,marriage seam, including the roof cap, foundation, porches steps etc.. It would probably be to your benifit to get several bids from reputable mobile home movers. Also, depending on your location take into consideration the cost of permits and re-inspection.

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