Can a mobile home be moved

Jamie_LAJanuary 4, 2010

approximately 15 miles with all the contents still inside? Our landlord is moving our rental to other land they own, and she tells us we don't have to pack anything, just remove anything that could 'fall', such as anything on walls, tv's, etc. So, my question is, can they move us without us having to pack up? Oh, we have 16x80.

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Yes. My mother moved her mobile home (1974 model) 4 times while I was growing up (no laughing...please). You take the pictures off the wall, clear off the dresseer and that's it.

Easiest way to move!

Good luck!

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Unless you want everything in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets falling out you need to fill up the spaces with linens and/or pillows and fasten the doors shut. You can run a broom handle or stick through the door pulls to keep them shut or tape them shut. Just be sure the tape you use won't take the finish off the cabinets when you pull it off.

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