juan1January 28, 2009

Hi there, I want to strip a painted marble on a fireplace i have to use the Texan product because it is designed specifically for ceramic tile so I search on a net about ceramic tile I got one ceramic tile company which better than the other ceramic tile companies I call them and purchased Texan product for my ceramic tile when I use it really donÂt believe the sound of crackling in my tile didnÂt come by using of Texan product so from my point of view I prefer the Texan product so If you think a better company in your opinion so please let me the way i have searched a company whose name CiciliotandSon.i am giving you link http// please check them.

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WOW! That's one loooong sentence! Sorry, I didn't understand one word.

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i didn't understand either, but if you are stripping marble remember marble stains horribly easily, i think it would depend on what type of paint was put on the marble as to how to strip it off..and primer i guess too.

you might just want to remove it if it isn't working properly for you and do something else on the fireplace

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