HE detergent for dark clothing?

ksommerDecember 7, 2007

Hi there. I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a high-efficiency detergent specially made for dark and black clothing. I have recently purchased a machine that requires HE detergent only, and I am having to give up my Woolite for dark/black clothing detergent. I have used a HE detergent made for all types of clothing; however, I am already noticing that my black clothing that has stayed really black with the Woolite is fading. Also, I read on the Woolite site that I shouldn't use Woolite that isn't HE in my machine even if I use a smaller amount, so that won't work. Anyone found an HE detergent for black clothing? Thank you in advance!

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The main problem with black/dark clothing is the optical brightening agents (OBAs) in many detergent formulations nowadays. It literally causes fabric to fluoresce slightly under light, which causes an unnatural glare or sheen to darks. It looks like fading, but probably isn't really. Washing with detergent that doesn't have OBAs may clear it up.

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Cheer liquid does not have OBAs and comes in an HE formula. Dye free detergents like All Free and Clear, also available in an HE formula, may help.

Reducing the wash time or selecting a more gentle cycle may help reduce the amount of fading too.


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Unless you wash just tons of black/dark clothes I would just use my Woolite for darks and cut it back. It's not like you will be using it for every load and with all other loads you will be using your HE detergent. I would give the Woolite Dark a try. I think you will be fine--at least that is what I would do. Believe me I doubt it could be any sudsier than some of the HE liquids I have used. Some of those are VERY foamy,about as much as the regular versions.

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You could use Woolite HE. If you don't see it in your area, you can order online.


Here is a link that might be useful: Woolite HE near bottom of page

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Persil (from German company Henkels) is available in formulations for whites & bright colours (with optical brighteners), for dark colours (without optical brighteners), and a special formulation called "Perwoll Black Magic" just for blacks. You can order through Amazon, or do a google search and you'll find dozens of other sellers.

It's a bit pricey, but it's very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Use half as much as the label instructions indicate -- or less (the instructions are intended for European users where the water is very, very hard).

I've used Persil for years with very good results.

Here is a link that might be useful: Persil at Amazon

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