LG Wave Force in action

whirlpool_traineeDecember 6, 2010
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Wow its very impressive! As usual Whirpool trainee comes through :) Im not sure how it classifies as a HE washer though because that tub is FULL of water, granted they owner may have used the buly cycle or water plus option on it. It sure looked like it will clean clothes well, especially with the centrifical force and spray wash going on. I can under stand how that would work, it forces the water through the clothes, the filter pick up any sand and such in the water and then the water is showered back on to the clothes. Looks like a better wash action than the whirl/tag versions of a HE washer. Im really looking forward to mine arriving, pillows and comforters should be a breeze in this washer

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That was the Cotton/Normal cycle with Cold Wash⢠and Extra Rinse on. I sure one of the HE aspects is the JetRinse action, which LG, interestingly, does not recommend to use. I agree: very powerful action in there! :)

Now, THIS is something else, though:

Exploded LG WaveForce

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I seen the video of the exploded washer yesterday. Thats a tough one to figure out. My guess is the comforter when wet gets WAY to heavy for any residental washer to handle. I have a cotton queen size blanket that I wash in my front loader, and I have to wash it seperately due to the weight of it when it is weight. It will fool you when it is dry let me tell you. If a wash it with something else, and yes there is plenty of room left to do it, my washer will throw a fit over it. Just because a person has 5.2 cu ft of washer, does not mean you can put 50 pounds of wet weight in it. The guy does say a few time that this is his second LG machine. It makes me beleive this is users mis judgement. Now why the machine did not shut off is a good question, right along with there were the owners when this happened? THat destruction did not take place right away. I doubt LG pays for the damages

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Hasn't Fisher & Paykel been doing this without the glass lid, for well over a decade now? It just seems LG tries any and everything using its customers to field test it products.

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The exploding LG washer has lawsuit written all over it. This the customer's second unit, and with the paperwork and video there is no court that would refuse this plaintiff damages.

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Apparently the imbalance sensor failed :-( This could be another FL vs. TL issue. My understanding is that electronically-controlled FL's use a rotational position sensor (RPS) to detect the load's balance or lack thereof, even before trying to spin it. An RPS failure will be obvious to the controller, which will throw a code and shut down. In the case of a TL, an unbalanced load won't affect the rotation of the drum, since it's rotating horizontally. So do they use limit switches to detect excessive suspension movement once the spin starts? And is failure of the switches or their wiring detectable by the controller, or does it assume no-news-is-good-news?

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The owner washed too big a comforter in the machine along with a few other items that he mentioned. He also used the Normal/cotton cycle, not the bulky cycle which is recommended for pillows and large comforters. Now why the out of balance sensor did not shut off the machine is a good question. No one else has issues with washing comforters with this machine, as he has broken two of them to date.

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