What kind of cookware do you use for making sauce ('gravy')?

soozAugust 24, 2010

What good, sturdy cookware do you use for making big batches of spaghetti sauce (or "gravy"), chili, soups and stews?



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I like my big (8 qt) All Clad stock pot for brothy things. It is ancient but still works marvelously well for soups, stock, etc. Stew and Chili I usually make in the Le Crueset Dutch Oven.


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We make chili, soups, stews in our Lodge enamel cast iron dutch oven. Tomato sauces go into our large Cuisinart SS stock pot. We also have SS stockpots by LGC which work very well. NancyLouise

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I have a very old Spanish pressure cooker that hasn't pressure cooked for over 20 years but the pot is a good size and from the weight I believe it's cast iron under the enamel outer finish. It's a good size for making soups and chili. For gravy ....as in roast or turkey gravy...I use a heavy saucepan with a lid.


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For gravy as in meat gravy, like SharonCB, I use a heavy saucepan. For soup or chili I use either my 8 1/2 quart hard anodized Calphalon pot, purchased on Amazon for $19.95 (!!) or my plain Lodge cast iron dutch oven. I have an enameled stockpot, but it's too tall for me to reach over the top and stir comfortably so I avoid using that,


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for spaghetti sauce I use a Le Cruset dutch oven either the big one or the sort of big one.
I like that I can turn it to lowest setting on the gas put it on a flame tamer and it will stay at a very low simmer for hours.

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I use my Le Creuset cast iron enameled pots (different sizes) for any slow cooking stews, soups, sauces, especially anything with dried beans.

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I use a 10 quart , Tri Ply, SS pot , I bought at a Restaurant Supply in Philly.

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I always use cast iron (non enamel) for tomato based sauces. We eat so little meat that I'm sure our iron is low, and this is an easy way to add a nice amount of iron to our diet.


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Thanks, everyone, for all the helpful input!


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For pasta sauces, chili, etc, I think any large pot with a reasonably thick bottom, with a lid, will do. The main thing, I think, is that the bottom should distribute heat well enough to avoid burning spots. It is nice if the pot is quite deep, so that the occasional bubbling doesn't splatter out of the pot.

I initially thought the question was about traditional sauces (sorry, a semantic confusion on my part). There a ''saucier'' (a saucepan with rounded corners) is nice, so that the whisk can reach into the corners. But hardly necessary. I do like a pan that is considerably wider than it is deep, as this seems to speed up the process of reducing a sauce.

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Same as Alexa...


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My enameled cast iron (Le Creuset type) dutch oven pots.

I also have a HUGE stainless steel stockpot if I wanted to cook chili for 40 people, but I really enjoy using my enameled cast iron post for tomato sauce.

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I think it is safer to have Bloodwork done to determine
whether you are Iron Deficient.

You can always buy Iron Pills or eat nails for breakfast. LOL !!!


I have Mediterranian Anemia ( Thalassemia )
When my primary doctor saw this on my Chart,
she prescribed Iron Pills and sent me to a Hematologist.

I hesitated to take them, until I went to the Specialist.
He said not to use them, because my Iron level was normal,
to slightly elevated.
It could cause a heart attack ???

Bloodwork will tell you a lot more about yourself !!!

He said type of anemia has nothing to do with Iron Deficiency.


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AM. My iron klevel used to be pretty high, the doc checked it a couple of times, then started asking me questions about my diet and cooking habits. Turned out that my favorite cast iton skillet was indeed adding lots of iron to my diet.

My doctor heartily approved and I never had to take iron pills, ever and neither did my girls.


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Iron in food or in vitamin supplements acts differently in your system. It's the excess iron in excess red blood cells from transfusions that causes heart problems.
You're not going to get "too much iron" from cooking your spaghetti sauce in a cast iron pot.
Linda c

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I was talking about Thalassemia or Mediterranian Anemia.

You can put too much Iron into your System.

Ask a Hematologist or

Why don't you Google,

" Thalassiemia, can iron pills cause a Heart Attack "

See what you come up with.
It would not hurt others to take a look also.

I'm not a Pro, just know from experiences, in my family.
I have bloodwork done every so often.

I also smoked cigarettes for 50 years.( I quit about 15 years ago )
It didn't seem to affect me.
But I wouldn't tell someone it is OK to smoke

So I wouldn't listen to ME or persons who are not Professionaly qualified.

Sorry if this went off topic. Just trying to help!!!
Many are using Cast Iron Cookware, like me.

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