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el_duderinoDecember 12, 2008

We are in the process of building a pool. The decking has several tiers and steps. We would like to install step lights for obvious safety reasons. My question is this:

Should we bite the bullet and place lights on each riser or do every other?

I've seen conflicting opinions on this. Obviously, skipping steps has a tremendous cost savings, but does it really create shadows and make it hard to navigate? Alternatively, will having a louvered light on every step be too much?

Any and all opinions are welcomed!

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I'm no expert but since no one else has responded I'll tell you about my front stairs. There are short, white retaining walls on either side of the steps, and wall mounted fixtures (surface), halogen, I think, with louvers that aim the light down. There's one fixture for every four steps, one side only. There are also a few sulfur street lights on the other side of the street, widely spaced (only on power poles0. With the ambient light, there's really plenty.

Predicatably, there are shadows, but they don't affect safety or the ability to see the steps clearly.

So I'd say that it depends on what your fixtures are like, how high they are, how much other ambient light you're using, etc., etc.

Any kind of light on the steps themselves, such as Step-Lites, or other embedded kind, better be on each step or else someone is going to trip thinking that the lights demark the steps. Otherwise, if they're wall mounted, or overhanging, you might be able to skip. If your pool contractor doesn't know, do you have a good electrician you can ask? Are there manufacturers' recommendations? Do the spec sheets say anything?

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