Please help me choose the correct light fixture

newyorkingDecember 25, 2009

I am trying to choose the correct light fixture for my dining room. My renovation is still in progress and has an overall contemporary look. I will most likely do a wood dining table. I need to pick the light fixture though because my electrician needs to know.

I am debating on which one to use from the two below.

Bocci 10-14):

Starck (probably 5):;y=0

My heart was set on Bocci but after I saw Starck I am confused. This is the only lighting splurge in my apartment and will be the first thing people will see as they enter.

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The Bocci with 10 watt lamps is not really a practical fixture if it is to be the only light source. The glass balls glow for effect but you'd want to incorporate some down lights over the table to supplement.

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A working link would be helpful.

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newyorking, I love the Bocci fixtures. Since we use candles on our table, we don't really need down lights over the our table and we also like the more atmospheric feeling I suspect you would get with the Bocci. I think it would be spectacular unless you like an especially well-lit dining table. In fact, I am tempted to get one for our dining room!

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Cyn427, after posting this and discussing with DH, we decided on Bocci as well. The fixture is not good at all as a primary light source but looks spectacular. If you are in NYC, the American Eagle store has 52 of these in their Times Square location on the entry floor. Here are pictures of more:

Here is an apartment that used Bocci over the dining table - looks gorgeous! My living/dining/kitchen floor plan is very similar to this one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bocci website

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How much are the Bocci lights? The website doesn't seem to have any info....

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Each pendant is $298. Prices are available here for one, three, and five pendants:

Here is a link that might be useful: Prices for Bocci

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