Just had a car accident -Grrrr....

jannieFebruary 26, 2013

I drove my car to the local diner for my customary coffee this morning. As I was backing out of my parking space, I saw a car behind me. So I pulled forward instead of continuing back. I ran smack into a "Snowbank Iceberg", heard horrible crunching. By the time I did back up, the other car was gone. Went home and there are two big dents in my front bumper. I was shook up, not injured, obviously. Drove to my local mechanic, who says he can get a new bumper and fix the broken headlight for about $2000. Grr...I'm so mad. I should have just waited for the car to pass. And I'm still mad about that stupid snowstorm we had three weeks ago that dumped two and a half feet of snow. It's thawed and re-melted so much anything that's left is now ice. At least I'm okay and cars can be fixed.

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Glad you are okay....

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I know how upsetting that is, but it could have been so much worse. At least you were not hurt. Hugs!

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Thankful you weren't hurt. Sorry about the damage.

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being attacked by an snowbank isn't right at all! glad you're ok and not hurt...it's like parking in your own yard and having a tree fall on your car (happen to me..)

is your mechanic going to be able to get parts and stuff right away? i bet they're seeing a LOT of accidents like this...

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The main thing is that you are OK. I can't tell you how many "accidents" I have had in my driveway. Things happen when we get distracted.
Your intention was to back out and when that got overrated your mind just didn't shift into what would happen if you moved up.

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An expensive move, and I can understand why you're not happy about it. But we're happy you're okay.

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The snowbank was low,I couldn't see it. Just heard that awful noise when you hit something solid. At first I thought it was an upturned shopping cart. My mechanic is sure he can get "after-market" (junk car) parts, but it may take a couple of weeks. In the meantime it's completely driveable. Even the headlights still work! And I am okay, the main thing. My Dad always said "It's a good accident if you can walk away afterwards." And I can walk fine.

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On Sunday my daughter drove my van to church and she was trying to pull into a parking spot and got too close to another car. She put a big dent in my van and my passenger door won't open. The other car is scraped and the lady was very nice,,,,,my 16 yr was a crying mess.

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I remember being 16, just got my drivers license and my parents let me take the car, alone. Actually, I drove my younger brother to the library. As I pulled up in the parking spot right by the front of the library, I went too far forward and hit the brick building. Didn't leave a mark, I never told my parents, and my brother kept quiet, but I cried when it happened.

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Glad you are not hurt, am waiting and very upset and MAD at myself for not removing the gas hose before trying to leave the station. Waiting for that news as it did damage the pump. Local and pumps are old and not set very good. Will see what he wants me to pay for.

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Hi jannie,

Sorry to hear of your wallet-thinning misfortune!

And glad that your body is O.K., if the psyche some dented.

Not making a suggestion to you ...

... but were it my car ...

... I'd probably fix the light now.

And leave the dented front bumper till later.

Good wishes for better days ahead.

ole joyful

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OJ - I considered driving it around "as is" but I want to get it fixed before DH finds out! He thinks I'm a terrible driver .

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