Lithuania LED kit???

amandasplitDecember 29, 2012

Does anyone know anything about this product? It looks like its a low cost solution to my title 24 all in one led housing/trim/bulb. Is this too good to be true?

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Lithonia! Stupid auto correct :)

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Anyone use these? I am considering them as well.

They are the Lithonia 4" recessed LED kit.

Our application will be to supplement the ceiling fan/light in our MBR.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lithonia Lighting 4 in. Matte White LED Recessed Baffle Kit

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I had purchased one at HD, brought it home to check it out and returned it after I stopped at Lowe's and saw the Catalina 4" LED can kits.

The lights I got have the same item number as the ones in the link below but don't have the slots in the can and are airtight whereas the link says they aren't. The clerk told me these had just come in and were their latest model so the website may not have been updated.

The build quality seems superior to the HD Lithonia - they are much heavier gauge metal. I also like that the electrical connection is mounted on the can rather than on an arm like the Lithonia. I'm likely installing them over the weekend and will report back with my impressions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Catalina White 4-in LED Remodel Recessed Lighting Kit

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Would be interesting if you still feel like the Catalina is still such a great choice, after you tried to install it.

Having a depth of 8" with the box on top, is totally absurd for a lack of a better word. A lot of floor joists are 8" between floors, with a real size of 7-1/4 to 7-1/2" nominal size. Which means, it won't fit between the floor joists. If you're using them in a ceiling, which connects to the attic, you will need to put that much more insulation on top of it.

Having put in 21 Lithonia recessed LED's in my place, all being either 3" or 5", I can speak about the product with experience. That "arm" you don't care for, is designed for the same purpose I wrote about. I can speak about Lithonia's service. I had one go bad & start to hum. One letter got a new one sent to me at no charge. Note Lithonia carries a 3 year warranty, I didn't see one for the Catalina brand.

Will be waiting to hear your impressions.

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I'm putting them in the attic so the depth is no issue.

After reading this forum and other reviews, I decided to return the Catalinas and will install standard cans with the EcoSmart ECO4-575L (Cree).

The EcoSmarts were $50 at my local Home Depot but I found a 4 pack through Amazon at less than $32 apiece.

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