Undercabinet lighting - how far apart?

ereedDecember 3, 2007

I bought some Xenon round pucks for my undercabinet lighting. I have 2 questions, how far apart should the pucks be for smooth lighting and how far away from the cabinet or countertop edges should they be placed? From one end of cabinet, should I start at few inches? Or do I start at the very middle of cabinet lenght and work my way to the outside cabinet ends? I'm having a very hard time measuring the cabinets and deciding where to place the pucks since my cabinets break up at the stove and the sink and certain cabinets are different size over others length wise and I want it all to remain even lighting all around. Sorry if this sounds complicated.

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My xenon pucks have 20W lamps. You may have the 10W variety, so adjust my answer accordingly.

I never looked at my puck light spacing until you asked this question. It appears that our installers (who did a nice job) centered the puck lights in the middle of each cabinet (both L-R and F-B). These are on 18, 21, 24, and 36 inch wide cabinets. Looking at the finished product, it is a pleasing effect to have the light sources centered below each cabinet door.

Dimensionally, our lights work out this way:
For a 24" and 18" cabinet combo, the puck spacing is:
(open side) 12/21/9 (range)

For a combo of 21", 36" and 24" cabinets:
(open side) 10.5/20/18/21/12 (corner lazy susan)

I think the important criteria for our installers was to center the pucks on the doors, which is what I would suggest. Hope this helps.

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