Which cans to use

mpatel1080December 29, 2012

We are building a new home and I definitely want to use the Cree CR6 LED bulbs in the recessed lighting cans. My builder is planning on using standard Halo cans. I saw that Cree makes the RC6 cans which are designed for their bulbs...is there any benefit to using their cans? The only concern I have is that the Cree cans seem to be proprietary to their bulbs...if they are not around 10 or 20 years from now I will be screwed.


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The cr 6 fits into standard halo h7 series cans. The lamps were designed to fit into standard 6" housing.
In what way are the Cree cans proprietary?

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My builder told me the CREE housings are not compatible with standard bulbs (the depth is not the same as normal housings), and there are no trim kits available for use with regular bulbs if I so desire. His concern was that if CREE goes under other bulbs will not fit in the housing.

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Cree cans conform to standard can dimensions. The main missing part is the adjustable base plate which is intended to set the depth of the bulb in the can.

In practice, the base plate is seldom adjusted from the default position - too much effort.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cree housing specs

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So if I installed cree cans and for whatever reason I decided to switch over to say philips BR LED bulbs in the future...how would that work without the base plate? I know cree bulbs are superior and I want to install their CR6 bulbs, the concern I have is that the bulbs are not standard fitment and I do not want to have to replace recessed canisters if CREE stops making bulbs for whatever reason.

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The bulb can be screwed into the socket shown in the PDF.

Assuming that the can uses the e26 screw base and that e26 base bulbs are still available 20 years later.

Otoh, halo cans may be cheaper.

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