Calling all people with apron/farmers sink

sammy62January 15, 2014

Do you like it? What kind is it? Those who have a copper sink, how hard are they to maintain? Just getting started and we have only a few days to decide!

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I have a lovely, "Hawthorne" double bowl Kohler. I love it, BUT. The bowls aren't big enough to fit a pasta pot into. I have a nice arched faucet, but the actual bowls are too small.

Other than that, I love the sink. Particularly the color.

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I bought the kohler whitehaven 30" single bowl offset drain. Have not installed it yet but it is pretty.

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I bought the kohler whitehaven 30" single bowl offset drain. Have not installed it yet but it is pretty.

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CEFreeman what color is it?

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

I have a whitehaus single bowl. Love it. Would never change back to double bowl.

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I have the Whitehaven 36". It's great, but B-I-G. I can fit almost anything in it including, I think my wife, but I can't get her to try. I haven't given up, but if 40 yrs of history is any judgeâ¦well, you know. It is a great sink. We have had it in the new kitchen for a few months now. Soapstone counters and I like it a lot. I bought the SS grilles for the bottom and like them a lot. They protect the vast expanses of porcelain.

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Another Kohler 30" Whitehaven. Have used it for 17 months and love it.

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I have a Waterworks 30" farm sink in my kitchen and had a Shaws in a previous kitchen. Practical and beautiful!

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My sink is a discontinued color called "Roussillon Red". There's a picture of it somewhere on this board. The color they replaced it with is a rather metallic red, vs. this clear, soft red.

I had a regular, single bowl sink most of my life. I disliked not being able to put things on one side without them sliding to the center. So I decided to go double. I would definitely go double again, but I would be shopping with my big pot in my hand to make certain I could wash it! :)

The link below shows the sink, but the color is SO much more beautiful than that. (I actually have two of these, with a new one sitting in its box, in my barn. Another story!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Roussilion Red

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That is beautiful! My perimeter cabinets will be cream colored and the island cherry. Im not sure about anything else yet but not really feeling the plain white color for the sink. Maybe Id like it, IDK. I am hoping the interior designer can help me kind of lean towards a color scheme. I am going to Lowe's tomorrow to look at their kitchen set ups and see what I like and dont' like. There are so many choices, which is nice but it makes it overwhelming.

I too prefer the double sink and right now have an undermount stainless. I could get stainless again but was thinking of getting something different. Guess I have to figure out how important it is. Right now, everything feels important. Ive gotten tired and just picked something to pick it before in other renovations and regretted it! I do not want to redo this kitchen and hate it 5 years from now.

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Sammy, keep in mind that Big Box stores design for the generic. Kind of like that show, Run My Renovation. Would you like to have a room that everyone in America picked? Or something sparkling and a bit different?

I'd suggest looking at plumbing centers. Around here we have several, with Ferguson being the biggest. Their showrooms are so interesting and inspiring. They also show the colors of Kohler in person, vs. bad web photos!

Home Depot used to have a fantastic Home Expo, but they closed them. Something like that, too. Frankly, with your color scheme, you can do SO much!

My recommendation is to stay away from anything primary or secondary. Too confining (and nursery school) to me -- other than blue. Particularly colbalt blue! Ok. JMO! :)

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I have a 36" Kohler Whitehaven with offset drain in sea salt. I could not be happier with it! Very big and functional, easy to clean, looks beautiful!

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Im sorry can you explain what you mean by primary or secondary? Do you mean those colors for anything I pick out or just the sink? I feel so dumb asking!
I will have to see what we have for plumbing supply stores. I noticed both Home Depot and Lowes did not have much but was hoping to go to Lowe's to see their kitchen set ups. They have so much more than Home depot these days!
I was considering a light gray or light gray blue for wall paint but not dead set on it. Thanks for all the help!

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Yes, I was referring to colors as in primary and secondary. Sometimes they're just WAY too saturated. But remember, opinions are like elbows... everyone's got one.

There are some gorgeous, gorgeous blues-to-grays out there right now. I'm looking at something in that family for my office-becoming bedroom. I was blued out big time at one point. When we bought this house, even the commode was light blue. Poke me in the eye! But now, these steely gray blues are really speaking to me. I can only imagine how beautiful a kitchen would be.

How fun! Start painting big squares of color everywhere.

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I think the bowls are the same size as my under mount stainless I have now. Did you have trouble with chipping? The saleswoman said this could be a potential problem.
The cabinet maker needs the dimension for the cabinet that is holding the sink but not sure why that matters? I feel like I am on a time table which I do not like. I may have my husband bring me up to another big plumbing supply place on Saturday.
Some have suggested one bowl instead of two because it is half the amount but I like having a separate bowl for washing and drying.
BTW I am very drawn to the greys and blues as well............who knows maybe I wont choose the beautiful brown sink in the end. Personally I do not think a white or stainless sink would look good with cream colored cabinets. I do not like either combination.
I realize many do this and that is great for their taste but I do not like either with the cream color. Hey if you have any suggestions at all please feel free to suggest! I am open and I already know you have superb taste!

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I have a 33" Kraus stainless single. I LOVE it. I can fit my large, 20" fry pan, my catering sheet pans, just everything. I used to have a double and used one side to dry dishes. I don't miss it because I find that I dry and put away dishes right away now instead of letting them linger in the drying sink...

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I haven't had any trouble chipping. Enamel on cast iron is pretty durable. Just check 100 year old homes.

The cabinet maker probably needs the cabinet dimensions to make it. For example, my sink is in a 36" base cabinet. It's also an undermount apron sink, which in 2006 was very unusual. It can fit in a 33", though, so if he were to make a 30", it wouldn't work. He also needs to fit your sink base into the line of cabinets.

Stainless is lovely with white. Think knobs and pulls and how often they're put together. A white sink would just look like your trim & molding. An accessory, rather than a focal point, perhaps.

What are you planning for countertops? I think that would dictate more what kind of sink. If you're feeling pressured, put the brakes on.

Just realize your completion date is also dictating the pressure you're under. If you want things by X date and YOU can't make a choice? You are the one delaying things. OTOH, I don't believe in making snap choices. I always end up replacing whatever I buy quickly. Bad for me, because sometimes that means years of saving.

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35ftcabo, Once you wash a dish, where do you put it while you are washing the other dishes or do you wash a dish then dry it then wash another? That seems like a lot of extra work!
Well, we took the cabinet out that held the sink because water had leaked underneath and there was mold and mildew inside the cabinet. The cabinets on either side are still there so doesn't the cabinet have to be the same size as the one we just pulled out (36)?
My cabinets are not white they are cream, being painted (we think) with BM lambskin.

I agree white and stainless look great. Personally I do not like a cream color with stainless nor cream and white. My designer agreed and the designer at Lowe's said the same thing.
For counter tops, so far we are leaning towards a Silestone or that type of countertop. Quartz.
My interior designer came tonight. I showed her pictures so she could get an idea of my taste which tends to be more traditional. My house is an old 1910 cape/farmhouse that was added onto at some point. We have a covered porch that runs along the front. The other rooms have hardwoods we had redone when we bought the house almost 20 years ago.
I do not have any date for completion, but the cabinet maker is asking for the dimensions of the sink and even though he is busy he seems eager to get them ASAP.

. I like the Kohler sink but now after hearing other's suggestions I am wondering if I can find something I like just as well as this one but cheaper. Decisions, decisions.
I too do not like being pressured. I end up regretting a hasty decision or fret over whether it was the right choice.

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I found this copper sink on sale at Home Depot. It got great reviews and looks pretty cool. On sale for 647.00.
Not sure how good a copper sink it is or how much maintenance it involves. Anyone know anything about copper sinks?

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I have a 25 in single bowl copper sink 16 gauge. I absolutely love it. It is a living finish and the interior of the bowl changes daily. Exterior is the color of sink you posted. Very easy to keep it clean. I purchased
mine from copper sinks online.

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I have a 30" Rachiele. Made in the USA. Nothing else comes close.

2-3 times a year I get a little verdigris and I clean it off with a green/yellow sponge/scrubbie in about 30 seconds.

If acidic food lingers it becomes a bright copper finish for a week or so then patinas over. Same with scratches.

No hard water stains or spots.

No stupid waxing. Water still rolls into drain.

It is a working sink that gets hard use almost every single day no babying it. Pour boiling water into on a cold morning, clean off solid cast iron pans in it, etc etc etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachiele

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Love the copper sink, hope you go for it!!

Christine - miss you, hope all is well! Best oldbat2be

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I have a Kohler Whitehaven in white and regret it. The rubber feet on the protective rack stain the sink a yellow color almost daily even though I don't let anything sit in the sink and clean it with Kohler cast iron cleanser daily.

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Thank you threeapples. I am just not into white.
What I have stated in other threads, worrying about a choice I will regret afterward.
Ive done that before so I feel your pain.

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Threeapples - I'm sorry you are having troubles with your sink! I have the 36" Whitehaven in white and I love it. I have had no problems with mine. It's huge and I made my husband sit in it when it was still in our porch after it was delivered. Have you asked Kohler about it?

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I have had the Kohler whitehaven 30" single bowl offset drain...for a year and a half. LOVE it! So happy I went with the Kohler instead of the Shaw's.

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I had been planning on a farmhouse sink all along until it dawned on me the other day that I would no longer have the drop down drawer that conceals sponges. Where do you farmhouse sink owners store your sponges?

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I have a Ruvati, curved front stainless steel apron sink. LOVE it. One GIANT 36" bowl, it's super thick stainless, nice sharp corners (zero degree radius...I know some people find them hard to keep clean, but our sink is more decorative...the dishes go in the dishwasher, we have a laundry sink for the dirty stuff like clothes and plants, and really, it's for filling pots and washing veggies and such. Love it. Cutting board and strainer that mount right in, nice lining underneath to keep the sound down, and came with a strainer to keep us from banging the bottom of the sink. Just gorgeous; granite installers thought it was lovely.

It's SO huge most people call it a small bathtub, and I'm pretty sure we'll bathe our children in it until they're 4 lol

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BirchPoint - I have a small suction cupped plastic basket that holds my sponge, nail brush, etc. Stainless would be really nice too.

My only regret is that we didn't get a DW with a handle to hang a dishtowel. I have an over the door little towel rack but with such a deep apron, I really have to bend to get it.

Here is a link that might be useful: SS sponge holder

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I just leave the sponge inside the sink. I lean it up on the right front side. The sink is large enough to keep it dry during normal use. I bought one of those sponge holders with the suction cups but it doesn't work with soapstone.

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