What's for Dinner #336

sleevendogAugust 21, 2014

August summer delights.
Finally ripe tomatoes and first BLT. Local bacon.
Stuffed zucchini blossoms...all on the wood fired grill.

(stuffed with fresh herbed goat cheese with a bit of plain greek yogurt...dipped in egg, then seasoned flour, then egg...just on the bottom, one side, and onto a hot cast iron pan) yum. A bit of parm topped.

I cooked the bacon on the cast iron first, then the zucs.

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Sleevendog, one of the vendors at my local farmers market sells squash blossoms. I've been purchasing them every time I see them available. I've never tried stuffing them, but just follow my grandmother's and mother's method. Whip up a thin batter with flour, egg, and club soda. Dip in the flowers & fry until lightly browned on both sides. I love them! Your idea of stuffing with cheese sounds pretty good too. I'm going to have to try that.

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(Apologies if i started #336 too soon but i can't read and scroll the last one as it is too long....on my phone....and just wanted some August summer harvest delights)

shambo, just a small half teaspoon amount acts like a glue and holds the flowers together. An iced tea spoon works great. In a cast iron the bottom of the blossoms get crispy quick and no need to turn them. I do the same with green tomato slices. Just batter the bottom and leave the top fresh.

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We've been eating a lot of fresh vegetables from the garden, when I haven't been canning them. We've had fresh green beans several times, with plenty left over to can:

We've had tomato sandwiches, this is an Indigo Blue Berry. I thought it was supposed to be a cherry tomato, but it's not. It's beautiful and delicious, though.

We had seafood chowder one day:

I made paninis with Asiago cheese bread, some turkey, cheese, Great White tomatoes and horseradish sweet pickles...

Elery grilled some burgers and slices of eggplant and I made a fresh salad with local corn, peppers, a can of black beans and a vinegar based dressing.

Bud and Makayla were here, along with their cousins, Jackson and Jamison. Bud had cheese, catsup, mustard, homecanned sweet relish and some leftover polenta on his burger. It seemed an odd combo to me, but he assured me it was delicious. Ahem.

Makayla decided to "branch out" from the traditional Nutella Crepes, so she made a "german pancake".

She used a "new to me" pie plate, an old Corningware that I got in a box of Pyrex that I purchased for $3.00. She thinks it's the coolest thing ever. (grin)

Anyway, her pancake puffed up, then settled in the middle and made a bowl:

We filled the bowl with fresh local peaches and whipped cream, it was a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast just isn't breakfast without bacon, sheesh. So we baked some slices, sprinkled with a bit of brown sugar.

Let's see, I made a chicken in tomatillo sauce, because I got these:

I'm sure there are more, but I don't remember, life just keeps me hopping.

Sleevendog, you've reminded me that I've still never eaten a squash blossom. Someday....


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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

See, not sure what I did, but dinner was fab. I know for sure I browned 5 mild Italian sausages, squeezed out of their skins, and leftover ground turkey. Browned it in the pan, turned and browned more. Seasoned with salt and pepper. The bottom of the pan was impossibly brown.

Then I tossed in a chopped onion and about 9 cloves of chopped garlic. Flipped them for a minute.

Then I added Dei Fratelli Crushed tomatoes. A big can. And I filled that can with water, poured that in, and let the whole thing simmer for 4 hours.

Somewhere in the middle I added my secret ingredients, some salt, pepper, sugar, and whatever herbs were in the pantry.

DH wants me to make it again. Best he ever had. No can do. You wing it... can't duplicate!


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Suzi, sometimes when you just get a 'wing it' moment it comes out great. Very often my method...and DH wants it again and i can't remember what i did.

Annie, my tomatillos are still a bit small...another week me thinks. I've been wanting to make gazpacho and saw a good one using tomatillos. I'll share if it turns out good.

Because of work and many hours...(just home now at 2am and drove home through TimesSquare an hour ago...!...thought crossing at 47th was safe but then got stuck behind a horse carriage)
...We will have another weekend of BLT's and grilled zucchini blossoms. Charcuterie Sunday brunch. My freezer is pretty empty so i need to get creative. Good tomato season for quality, not quantity.
Looking forward to that hammock tomorrow afternoon...

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I posted my dinner the other nite on the older thread, not realizing that a new one had been started, so I'll post it here.

I made breaded pork cutlets with potatoes and cherry tomatoes. We've been eating a lot of pole beans from our landlord's garden. We've never had them before and they are nice and sweet.

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Great looking dinners. But it is Makayla's German pancake with peaches that has my mouth watering.

Sleevendog, so the blossoms were cooked in the bacon fat? Nice!

Suzi, some of our best meals have been the ones that are just winged. Because I post to a blog though, I have started to write down, after the fact, at least the basics, just in case someone asks or I want to recreate.

A few of our meals since I posted last.

Last night's dinner. Homemade Pizza

I used an Italian flour - Caputo 00 Chef's Flour. High protein (12.5%) made for pizza dough.

Moe's Breakfast one morning last week. Farm fresh tomatoes on toast. The bread was started the day before, around 3:00 PM and came out of the oven by 9:00 PM.

Curry Dinner

My intention when I bought the pork tenderloin was to stuff and roast it and serve with a mushroom sauce. But it was another hot day here and I didn't want to turn on the oven.

So, I rubbed the pork with a mixture of cumin, cardamom, coriander, turmeric, fresh garlic, salt and pepper. Drizzled with olive oil and the juice of a lime and put it in the fridge for an hour. Cooked on the grill.

Rinsed and soaked Basmati rice for a Pilaf.

Needed something for a vegetable so picked some beans out of the garden and made a Green bean and potato curry.

Another day I stopped on my way home from work and picked up what I needed to make an Antipasto Platter. I grilled Italian Sausage, eggplant, zucchini and peppers. Added a Caprese Salad, tomatoes from the Duncan Farmer's Market, olives and homemade bread and

my favourite, melon and prosciutto drizzled with olive oil and finished with black pepper.

Beef Tenderloin in Black Bean Sauce.

Grilled Chicken on a Bun with homemade fries.

Grilled small Prime Rib, just big enough for two thick slices.

Penne with Italian Sausage and Broccoli.

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Wow, I've missed seeing your posts Ann. I've been wondering where everyone was.

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Ann_t - extraordinary meals, as always.

Annie - You have been taking some great photos. It is very inventive for Makayla to transform the German pancake into a German bowl.

Sleevendog - I had a craving for Zuc blossoms after seeing yours. Three farmers markets later, no blossoms to be found. Now I am unhappy!

Jasdip - You have all my favorite foods on one plate. I am taking some pork out from the freezer for breaded cutlets tomorrow.
It has been cleaning up the refrigerator/freezer week. All leftover food.


I often wonder if I give a fancy French name to leftover food, would it make it taste better. So this is
Tofu Courge Au Sauce De Boeuf

Poached salmon

Boneless chicken breast

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Chicken fajitas. Pathetic attempt at plating for photo, but very yummy.

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Chicken sausage, peppers, and onions.

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Yum all August meals. Even leftovers are good with a bit of garden fresh.
Indigo Blue Berry tomato? Don't know that one...gorgeous.
Picked my first pole beans, yah!

dcarch-meet me tuesday morning in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and i will hand off a few dozen zuc flowers... ; )
(next tuesday after the holiday...sent a couple dozen to the office this morning for an Italian co-worker...she squealed with delight i heard)

cookingrvc-my favorite meal. Love the sauce trio ceramic.

ann-t and annie...and all lovers of delicious foods....wish we were neighbors!

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Cookingrvc your fajitas look great but I love the peppers, onion and sausage!

DC, very artfully done pictures as usual (except for perhaps the beef stew) ;-)

I had a zucchini and some peppers that needed to be used up so I sauteed them with some carrots and onions and made pasta primavera. I also wanted to make chicken piccata, so I had that as a side.

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sleevendog, it's be great fun to be neighbors, would it? I didn't even notice that hammock, I saw the neighbor cutting hay and is that a banjo on the table next to the flowers? I was surprised by Indigo Blue Berry, it tastes very sweet and fruity and it's firm enough to slice beautifully. I'll grow it again, although it was the only tomato I planted that the deer will eat the plants.

dcarch, so you had tofu and zucchini in a beef sauce? LOL Beef stew by any other name...(grin) And what is the salmon on?

I was surprised with the "pancake", it seemed almost like egg custard and not like pancake or biscuits/pastry at all. If it gets the kids to try new foods, it's good by me, and it was actually pretty healthy, more so than Nutella Crepes.

cookingrvc, I'm happy to see you here again. The fajitas look pretty good to me, but the peppers and sausage look amazing.

Jasdip, it's definitely the time of year for pasta primavera, I'll have to do that soon. I sure have enough vegetables.

Ann T, that steak looks amazing, and the melon wrapped with prosciutto is just beautiful. I still haven't tried that, and I really need to.

Tonight Elery and I packed 50 pounds of sauerkraut, so dinner was.....cabbage. :-) With some smoked sausage, not picture worthy, but pretty good.


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Annie, after a long work week in NYC, the sound of haying is music. (dh plays the banjo and other things...the violin not so well... ; )
A three day holiday weekend coming up....the garden is so lush. Already planning food delights.

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Great looking summer meals!

It seems as if the only food I've been making for the last couple of weeks is peaches. Our neighborhood co-op canned and froze dozens of containers of them and I made peach muffins, peach crisp, grilled stuffed peaches, and two batches of brown sugar peach ice cream.

Tomatoes are winding down. My usual marinated tomato, cucumber, onion and green pepper salad with 'city chicken' of sirloin pork cubes:

Hot pasta dressed with Brie cheese cubes and then an uncooked tomato and crab sauce:

Chicken cutlets with Madeira mushroom sauce.

Lots of corn on the menu too. I cut it off the cob for this dinner of pork tenderloin with Bourbon sauce and fideo noodles with vegetables but also made corn pudding on another night.

A repeat of last year's corn party is scheduled for next week. (Link below if you don't remember it.). I am looking forward to it and will really appreciate the fresh-tasting corn in the winter months.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corn Party

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Ruthanna, your meals always looks so appetizing. I really like your pork tenderloin meal.

I breaded some fish, and reheated the sweet and white potato dish that we had the other nite. Steamed/sauteed broccoli.

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SD, I would happily trade a bouquet of roses for the stuffed zucchini blossoms.

Makayla, your German Pancake looks yummy! I make this pancake year-round for the guys, but they call it Dutch Baby - one and the same, I suppose. I just call it, delicious.

Ann, wish it were possible to teleport the Antipasto platter to my front door.

Sue, it's always good to see you! Your meals are making me happy.

Dcarch, the presentation of the salmon over the watermelon rind is not only creative, but also 美味 as always.

Jasdip, Pasta Primavera is the only spring dish I make in midsummer, when our local farmers pimp their vegetables. At any rate, yours would make iVillagers attack . . . one bite at a time.

Ruthanna, speaking of great meals, yours are painted with the colors of summer.

Unlike Dcarch, I have no decent leftovers, so I'll be cooking something simple tonight. Dcarch, want to trade refrigerators?


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I just finished eating but now I have eye hunger! Gosh but those photos are stunning and delicious looking! Sumptuous indeed!

Here's a photo of Heirloom tomato salad with cukes, watermelon & feta with a bit of jalapeño, and caponata. Yum again!


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We have been 'cookin' light' this month using garden produce and working too hard. (less time to cook but fresh) Tasty though.
Bbq and grilling on the weekends and having nice leftovers all week.
I'm working long hours but DH has lots of choices in the fridge when i can't make it home for supper...
Gazpacho i made Monday night is still good tonight....wed, 1am

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Greek salad and chicken kabobs marinated in olive oil, lemon, salt, oregano, and dried basil.

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I didn't get a pic, but made boneless short ribs in my pressure cooker, served over roasted garlic/Gruyere mashed potatoes with roasted broccoli. Made a quick horseradish and sour cream topping that was really good, too.

It's my first pressure cooker meal success! The meat was so tender and flavorful. I used a weird recipe from Tyler Florence (horseradish cream from same episode) called Bistro Style where he put the veggies in a food processor until pulped. Cooked for 35 minutes plus natural release. Put the whole potatoes with skin in the steamer and cooked them at the same time.

Even though it's been hot, here, my family keeps asking for cool weather food. I love the speed of the PC. I used the Nesco the other day for slow cooking brisket, in the garage!

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Ina's turkey meatloaf, smashed potatoes, and broc

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Sooz, once again seeing your post of caponato reminded me that I always want to try it.

Cookingrvc, your Greek dinner looks perfect and *anything* Ina makes is a keeper. Love her!

I tried my hand at pickle relish. This is a favourite of ours that my aunt has made for years and I finally made some for ourselves.

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Look at all that relish! My kids LOVE the dill version.

I used my pressure cooker to make curry the other night. NOT a success. It tasted ok, not the flavorful stuff I get in a restaurant. The pot-in-pot rice to go with it was a fail and I had to finish it in the m/w. Not a repeat for us.

I checked out Marcella Hazan's Essentials cookbook from the library recently and made the Carbonara sauce for spaghetti this evening for dinner. If I hadn't already bought it just from reading, I'd be buying just for this recipe. Fan-freaking-tastic and the closest I've come to what I had on The Hill in St. Louis almost 20 years ago.

No pics, again. Between the tossing, plating, and nom nom noises I didn't get to the camera! It wasn't gorgeous looking but oh-so-good. I highly recommend thriftbooks.com for book buying, if anyone still does that! I got it for less than $4 and they ship for free. I get a lot of my kids' books through them, as well.

I'm really looking forward to cool weather and trying her bolognese...one of many recipes on our radar.

I'm trying bahn mi sandwiches soon, with some pork loin I cooked up yesterday. I'll be sure to post a pic!

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Alex, my relish is a sweet relish, we adore it!

I checked out one of Marcella's cookbooks a couple of years ago and have made her tomato sauce with an onion and butter. It's delicious, smooth and creamy. So light.

I just googled the Essentials book, is this the one? I haven't seen that one in our library. :(

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That's the title! I understand that it's a compilation and revision of her two earlier books, so the Carbonara recipe may be in one at your library.

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All your food looks amazing!!!

Made a bucket of chicken of stock the other day, some of which I used to make my version of pot pies. Here's some pics before they went into the freezer.

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Your stock looks amazing Sue! Mine never looks that good, I don't think, but it tastes okay which is the main thing.

Is that a cobbler topping on your pot pies?

We discovered eggplant this year and just love it. We love it grilled, with peppers, onions, and cheese in a sandwich then squished on the grill.

Tonite I breaded and fried it with our roast beef dinner. Hubby was over the moon with the flavour.

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Jasdip: I top them with mashed potatoes.


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Lemon Sole topped with grape tomatoes, capers, s&p, and tossed with olive oil. Parmesan zucchini rounds, and quinoa with sautéed onions, carrots, and celery.

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cookingrvc, I'm so glad to see you back with your pictures, that pot pie looks amazing.

Jasdip, I make sweet relish every year, using Grandma's old recipe. Nothing tastes quite the same, does it? I love the stuff on burgers, but Elery eats his with pinto beans.

We've been eating, but it's been fast. It's canning season, LOL, and that's what I've been doing, so today's dinner was pork roast, mashed potatoes and cabbage. No picture, but it was good.

A couple of days ago we had pork chops, shelled beans, golden beets and sliced tomato, with a side of brown rice. Every single thing on this plate was grown by us, except the rice.

We used our new "toy" to cook the rice and still are not really happy with it. The rice is good right out of the cooker, but dries out quickly and is inedible by the next day. More practice, I think.

I grew poblanos and we're overrun with them, so I made some poblanos stuffed with shrimp and a cheese mixture, cooked in a sauce of fresh tomatoes and roasted red peppers, pureed in the food processor. A side of golden beets and some beans from the garden were good.

Tonight we had a "rerun" of the stuffed poblanos, along with a vegetable medley of all the little things I had lying around: 2 leeks, a small zucchini, an extremely ripe Anaheim pepper, a Great White Tomato and a small can of artichokes that I wanted to get out of the pantry. I added some gnocchi and baked some herb biscuits, and sliced what are probably the very last of the garden cucumbers.

You'll see that golden beets are getting a lot of use here, they kind of got away from me and grew to this size.....

I made soup from white tomatoes, onions, garlic, celery, fresh basil and minced red peppers, it was very good and so I canned 17 pints of it for winter, but we enjoyed this one that didn't seal properly:

And that's what's for dinner here, I've been doing a lot more gardening and canning than cooking dinner!


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So many wonderful meals. Ruthanna, Annie, Jasdip, Sooz I'm always drawn to your meals.

Sue, I'm so happy to see you back posting on a regular basis.
I'd be happy with everyone of your dinners. I know that Moe would love your sole. And I love the idea of topping pot pies with mashed potatoes.

I feel like I am always playing catchup on the WFD thread.

A few of our meals, since I last posted.

Tex Mex two days in a row.

Chile Rellenos. Found some beautiful poblano peppers at the farmers market this week. A steal at 50 cents each.

Chicken Chimichangas - I had a pot of leftover black beans and salsa, so I all I need to do was roasted a couple of chicken breasts for the filling, make an enchiladas sauce and some rice.

Greek Lamb shanks.
We celebrated with an anniversary dinner and a birthday the last week of August.

Matthew was home for my birthday so I made Green Peppercorn steak, a family favourite.

And for our anniversary I made Chicken Perigord (Breasts stuffed under the skin with a mushroom duxelles.

Bread Chicken Breasts - fresh grated bread crumbs.

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You've been around the world, cooking your International meals Ann!
My fave of yours would be the Greek dinner. I've never had chicken chimichangas, it looks like it's a burrito which we would love. I'll have to check out your site for the recipe :)

Today was a definite fall-like day. The warmest temperature was at midnite (23C) and it fell steadily to 12C in the middle of the day.

I roasted some tomatoes from the garden and made Ina's roasted tomato soup (our favourite) and grilled cheese for dinner. Wow, it really hit the spot.

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I didn't get a pic, again! I'm not feeling well and have brain fog. I think I had a food reaction a couple of days ago and have a cold on top of that...blah! Guess an allergist is in my future so I don't go through that again. I swear, I'm falling apart! Haven't had allergy problems since hay fever as a kid.

I made Marcella Hazan's tomato, butter, and onion sauce and the family loved it. Served over store bought gnocchi, which my youngest could go without in the future! Everyone loved the sauce, so I'm looking forward to making it again when I can taste something other than metal.

Everything looks wonderful.

Annie - love your bounty pictures! The soup is calling to me.

AnnT - your plating is always lovely. The Parisian potatoes fascinate me. One day I'm going to try those!

Jasdip - your dinner speaks to me this evening. Needing comfort food to feed a cold, lol!

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Alex, I love Marcella's butter and onion sauce! I have a jar of it in the freezer that I must use. Thanks for the reminder! I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks Annie and Ann T&C. It's good to be back to cooking and posting. been a rough few years, but I'm rolling with the punches.

Food looks amazing. Before I have to duck out for some surgery next month, I've been a cooking fool filling the freezer so hubby doesn't starve.

Tonight we made grilled pizza from scratch. Got a great pizza pan for the grill with holes like those veggie grill things. Makes it so easy.

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Thin-sliced boneless pork cutlets coated with Panko and breadcrumbs; lightly fried. Topped with speck (smoked prosciutto) and fontina; broiled til cheese melted.

Broccoli rabe. Layered thin-sliced sweet and white potatoes, with butter and herbs de Provence.

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We made pizza. Again. Daughter and I made a second round of super thin crust. Arugula, carmelized onion and pear. Red sauce and sausage. My friends brought dough and made normal crust pizzas. Tomato and basil. Sausage and figs.

Here we are, SWMBO is second from left, daughter is on the right, I am behind the camera, and our friends are wondering why I'm taking pictures.

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Ha - I always figured SWMBO would look a lot more intimidating, LOL! Your pizzas look great. I'm watching to see if you come up with the perfect crust you're looking for.

I've been cooking a bit more since feeling guilty on the "are home cooked meals worth it" thread. Last night I made an oldie but goodie - Joey's Killer Lasagna. Wife loved it but the kids wouldn't touch it. My son at least ate some garlic bread. Guess I'll be eating lasagna until it comes out my ears.

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FOAS, what do your kids eat, if not lasagna? You haven't raised - gasp - vegans? Have you?

I made a dog's dinner sort of meal last night. Crumbled sausage and broccoli simmered with a tub of Trader Joes ready-made "coconut curry" and some cream, with brown rice. Your basic "I'm too busy to cook" meal with the aesthetics of Alpo in a bowl.

Daughter criticized the combination of sausage and curry; I told her I was preparing her for college life. Son loved it. SWMBO had no comment.

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John: pizzas look great.
Foas: nice lasagna. During times when I can't cook, my sister brings over lasagna and we cut it into serving sizes and freeze individually double wrapped in plastic wrap. Works great.

Made pot roast last night:

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John your pizzas look great! Hmmm, funny, I was picturing SWMBO as having a broom!

FOAS great looking lasagna!!!!

Cookingrv, we just finished eating but your noodles and pot roast is making me hungry again.

I made baked ziti, brownies, bread and rolls today. The dinner of ziti, salad and a roll didn't look exciting enough for a picture (but the taste was wonderful!) so I'll use just the bread and rolls as a contribution to the thread

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Cookingrvc - your dinners look fantastic! You're a fancy plate-er, too. I'm going to have to pay more attention to that.

John, I could eat pizza until the cows come home. Any kind, any time. I'm waiting until we can open up the house before I get my oven that hot! Beautiful family...and friends!

FOAS - I can't believe your kids don't eat lasagna! That was always my special birthday meal growing up and my daughter also asks for it. Works out since her birthday is a day after mine. My kids wouldn't eat much of anything when they moved in but I just kept insisting that they finish a small portion. Eventually they turned into being... almost sophisticated. I don't know what to tell you. Hopefully their palates develop and then they will apologize for turning their noses up at something so delicious.

I made Roasted Potato Leek Soup from Ina Garten's recipe along with pita and a simple salad. Soup's a little hot for our weather but I'm STILL sick and wanted the comfort ;) I'm a convert to roasting the veggies for soup! I can't taste much but this soup was gooood.

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Yum, Alex, I have potatoes and I have leeks left in the garden, and that soup looks delicious.

Jasdip, your bread looks perfect.

cookingrvc, that pot roast would go perfectly with jasdip's bread, yum.

FOAS, The Princess will not eat lasagna either, but everyone else in the family loves it, I can tell you that her brother would definitely not turn that down!

Here I've been cooking, but I'm just finishing up the garden and canning, and I'm enjoying lots of fresh produce while I still have it.

We had ham with peaches, some green beans and a gratin of fresh tomatoes:

I made some raspberry glazed chicken with mashed rutabagas, corn and a tomato and zucchini medley:

I made a batch of chili with our own beans, fresh tomatoes, grassfed beef:

Oh, and Peppi and her Dad came to visit and they brought her newest furry family member. Emma and Molly played and ran, and we ate. We had homemade pappardelle with Italian sausage, red peppers, mushrooms and a cream sauce, we had eggs and sausage and homemade whole wheat bread and tomato marmalade made with Arlene's Meyer lemons. We had a great time and the only picture of food I managed to take was this pumpkin cheesecake trifle!

The princess came and stayed and made us breakfast, crepes, bacon, breakfast pudding and apples:

And she got up early to make the pudding:

And I've canned. I canned 20 quarts of sauerkraut, some swiss chard, pears, and I still have pears and apples to go...

and dried some heirloom beans, including these Turkey Craw:

Oh, and the Princess helped me make a crisp. Zucchini crisp, actually. It looked and tasted amazingly like apple.

And I think I'm caught up!


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Annie that's a whole lotta stuff. Yum.

Dinner tonight. Gyro beef patties, Greek salad, tzitziki, and pitas. Hubby happy.

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Are you finished all of your canning Annie? Wow, that's amazing.
What I really think is amazing is that you thought of making zucchini into a crisp. I'm glad it turned out, and actually tasted like apple. Who'd a thunk?

Cookingrvc, we went out for souvlaki the other nite. Mine was a happy hubby too! :-)

I made a Lidia B. recipe. Skillet zucchini and chicken and it was oh so good. Tender and perfect. Made bread and rolls today, too.

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End of summer dinner with family. I also fixed crab shooters with mango salsa and sushi for app.s. as well as grilled Pompano fish, fresh off the boat. Also had seasoned baked potatoes. Awwwwww, so gooood!!!

This post was edited by caminnc on Tue, Sep 30, 14 at 6:48

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Everyone's posts look delicious!

Had some friends over recently and the only pic I got was of my crab cakes. As many of you know, I made an typo in my original post many moons ago and called them Crap cakes that were filled with crap.

I've learned to double check my spelling!

Here's chicken cutlet Parm from this weekend:

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Cookingrvc, I do indeed remember the "crap" cakes. Also Ann T's "puppyseeds" and Sheshebop's "brought a teat to my eye". (grin) I'm sure I've made my share too, LOL. Regardless of ingredients, the cakes look delicious!

Caminnc, all that seafood looks like heaven to me, yum.

Jasdip, I'm never done canning. I just did half a bushel of Cortland apples, some just canned slices and some in apple pie filling. We dried some more beans and I have the first ever picking of apricots from the tree at the farm ripening in the garage.

Right now, though, we've gutted the kitchen at the "new" house and the cabinets were sitting in a pile outside the door. So we moved them, waiting for a dumpster. Today pretty much everything hurts, including things I'd forgotten I had!

What's for dinner? Barbacoa in the crockpot, wrapped in tortillas, with a side of what could be the last of the garden tomatoes and slices of avocado. The first frost of the year is projected for Thursday.


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Wow! cookingrvc, you have done so many amazing dishes!

Caminnc, "Awwwwww, so gooood!!!" is right.

Jasdip, not a bad picture of your Skillet zucchini and chicken.

Annie, you can really can. Uncanny!

alex9179, Roasted Potato Leek Soup and salad,, simple, but elegant.

FOAS, I say that is a great Lasagna.

John, you guys make great pizzas.

Ann_t, as always, delicious meals. Pretty plating too.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cooking as usual, just haven’t had time to post.

A few recent ones.


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Wow, Dcarch, I'd happily join you in any one of those meals! I can usually just pick one of your creations in your postings, but I'll happily pig out on all of these. Good job!

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My apologies for basically skipping visits the last month to the Cooking Forum and this thread. It's good to see all the great looking meals are still being served. Less than usual cooking going on as we've been participating in Apple and Pumpkin Festivals, community dinners and church and fire company craft fairs.

Last time I stopped in, cookingrvc inspired me to make chicken kabobs with Greek salad. Thanks.

Lots of end of the summer cooking going on. I made 12 lbs. of Roma tomatoes into meatless Provencale tomato sauce and used it for a dinner for some teen volunteers, many of whom were vegetarian. Garlic bread and a platter of grilled sausage were also on the menu, in addition to the eggplant roll ups.


Soup season is in full swing, just in time for "no-cook Sunday's" due to NASCAR Chase races and football games. Last Sunday, we had butternut squash soup and we call Fall Chicken Salad. The salad is chicken, peeled Apple chunks, celery, dried cranberries and golden raisins. Dressing is apple cider, buttermilk, a little bit of mayo, seasonings and a dash of spiced rum.

I used some more of the cider for baking a ham end.

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I checked in here today looking for dinner suggestions.

Ruthanna, you were inspired by Sue and I'm inspired by you. I think Chicken Souvlaki will be on the menu tonight.

Your ham dinner looks delicious. I cooked a ham last week and it wasn't very good. I used a brand that has always been good in the past, but it was tasteless and salty.

Caminnc, now that is what I call a feast.

A few meals since I last posted.

Halibut season will soon be over, just another week or two. So we had halibut for dinner last night. Might try and have it at least one more time while it is still available fresh.

Roast chicken dinner.

Lots of bread. Baking at least twice a week.

Spanish Tapa - Garlic Prawns

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes. These are so good, I've made them a few times in the last month.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Filets with Mushrooms in creme fraiche in toasted bread cups.

Grilled Baby Back Ribs with TBQ Sauce.

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Ruthanna, welcome back, you've been missed. Your meals always impress me.

Ann your meals are always breathtaking, and this post is no different.

Beautiful fall day, so I made bread, and it fell in the middle. Oh well, it will still taste good, just won't give any away, like I often do.

Dinner was a new recipe, a pork roast marinated then roasted. I also roasted some potatoes and carrots and 2 onions with the butter, worcestershire and soy sauce. I also made room to bake the pie......the oven was full!

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Apple pie cooling

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Ruthanna, welcome back. I love the fall festivals and all the goodies that go with them.

Ann T, that chicken looks perfect, but it's the cupcakes that I want. An extra one would be good for breakfast too...

Jasdip, for some reason my last loaf fell in the middle too, I think I wasn't diligent enough in watching it and let it overproof just a tiny bit. It was still good, though not very pretty! Your pie definitely makes up for that.

Today we pressed cider so I made pancakes for the kids for breakfast and then sandwiches and donuts for lunch with the cider. I just finished a ham and cheese sandwich tonight, but The Monkey Princess made a roasted rabbit with apples and leeks last night, along with cheese tortellini, and then we baked some honey wheat rolls for today's sandwiches. Other than that, we've been eating sandwiches, fast food, home canned soup, whatever we can scrounge from the fridge, the freezer and the pantry, so I won't have to move it.


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We can't eat this, but we can sure eat what I make using it!

Bed Bath and Beyond had a 20% coupon and this pie crust mat caught my eye. My pie crusts always stick to the counter, and I use quite a bit of flour, hopefully this eliminates a lot of that.

I like that it has a non-slip backing. There are different sizes for the crusts, and even a pastry recipe.

That's a slash of sunlight :-)

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Jasdip, I like that slash of sunlight. I look forward to hearing whether you like the pastry crust mat.

Annie, even without a kitchen you are still cooking more than most people.

Pork Chile Verde with homemade flour tortillas.

Grilled New York strips. Slightly overcooked.

Potato gratin with fried onions, chicken broth and thyme.

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I had to laugh at your comment to Annie, Ann. So very true!!!!!

I closed the blinds to take the pic, but one stray sunbeam escaped :)
I too hope the mat works as expected.

I always love the pic of your chicken broth scalloped potatoes. I'm so used to doing the white sauce method, I don't think of your method until I see it. I will do that! They look so good. (as IF anything you make, doesn't!)

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Hi All. Everything looks so yummy.

Shrimp Parmesan tonite with a mix of regular and zucchini pasta.

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Ann T, I really don't know how people live on fast food and don't cook, I just don't feel well if I have too much fast stuff and not enough vegetables.

I think my current problem may be that I'm just eating too much. Yesterday we had the birthday party for the kids with the "Halloween buffet" and today was Amanda's birthday. Makayla made the Louisiana BBQ'd shrimp, some chicken breasts stuffed with ham and cheese and rolled in cornflake crumbs for those (her Dad) who won't eat shrimp, some "crashed potatoes", mashed butternut squash with butter and brown sugar, gluten free biscuits, cole slaw and blueberry crisp! I was "sous chef for the day", there to handle hot/heavy pans, provide the ingredients and wash the dishes, plus "consult" on things like what temperature chicken breast has to be before it's fully cooked. It was fun and she took pictures with her small camera, so I'll try to get them loaded and she can post them.

Friday night was Trick or Treating with Madi and Maci, so they had turkey sandwiches from Subway and I had eggs when I got home.


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Mashed potatoes with a sweet potato. We love them mashed together. Pork tenderloin slices with a raspberry jam, balsamic and dijon sauce.

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Hey Annie I was wondering how MP's birthday dinner went. Will be fun if you post pics. I hardly ever stop by here since my dinner usually consists of something like a pbj sandwich and some cottage cheese or corn chips and bean dip. Plus I am just not that into taking photos of my meals. For the longest time I didn't have a camera but I just got a new one and it is fab. But I'm still probably unlikely to take many food photos right now, too much else going on. But I wanted to give a shout out to a recipe I made tonight, "Squash toasts with ricotta" from Smitten Kitchen and she got the recipe from Mark Bittman at NY Times. It was fabulous! The recipe calls for an onion confit which might take a long time under normal circumstances but I had a bunch of caramelized onions in the freezer from when I did a big batch in the crockpot so they made the whole thing go together in a snap. I roasted the squash earlier because it was starting to go bad, and it was delish too. I used a small hubbard squash. I adore, adore hubbard squash but usually those suckers are so big it just doesn't pay for me to get one. Here's a link to the recipe, both from Deb Perleman and then the original from the Times.

Smitten Kitchen Squash Toasts with Ricotta and Cinder Vinegar
Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Squash on Toast

My notes: Besides using pre-caramelized onions, I didn't use any EVOO because the onions had some and anyway, I didn't miss it. I improvised on the cider vinegar and maple syrup amount because I had less squash. I also used ground pasilla peppers that Lascatx sent me, I love that and I don't have any chili flakes. It was fab with the squash and sweet and sour. I didn't have mint and didn't miss it, but I am not a mint fan. I have had squash agrodolce which is what this is a riff of, and I can take or leave the mint, but I know it is considered essential. I also topped this with toasted sunflower seeds. I used creamy goat cheese as the base. I love goat cheese with squash! Anyway, it was DELICIOUS.

I served it with black beans and rice, spiced up with my home made salsa and pork loin roast bits that I braised with Lascatx's cacao nib rub. Yummy, yummy! And overall very healthy. Since I don't eat much wheat, next time I make this I am going to try it with the European wholemeal rye bread I have, toasted.

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Today I baked Tami's Easy bread recipe. It's delicious, and super fast and easy.

I also baked an apple pie

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Dinner was chicken marbella with roasted potatoes and carrots

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beachlily z9a

My DH has been gone since last Tuesday. I've purged the freezer, the refrigerator and the pantry. Clean, I tell you, clean!

Probably next week I'll do the early turkey gravy, but DH is bringing home 8 lb of pecans this week. Need to get the pecans into the freezer for Christmas baking, then I'll do the gravy.

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Jasdip, that all looks SO YUM! Great comfort food!

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Lots of great food as always, but I must say I pause at caminnc's seafood feast every time I pull up this thread.

Due to travel and hectic schedule in between, I haven't been cooking much exciting. But a current sale on branzino had me try a simple recipe that I've been eyeing for quite a while. The compound butter rated between "blech" (my son) and "good but entirely unnecessary" (my wife) but we really enjoyed the fish itself. Question though: Are tons of pin bones expected or do I need to improve on my tableside service technique?


Here is a link that might be useful: F&W Recipe

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Sue, Love the idea of your shrimp parmesan.

Jasdip, your dinners are like Ruthanna's. So appealing. Makes me want what you are having. (except for the carrots).

FOAS. Nice to see you posting on WFD again.

Last night's pizza, baked in the Bakerstone Pizza Oven on the grill.

Deconstructed chicken souvlaki.

Spaghetti with Pork, Tomatoes and Olives.

This brisket was suppose to be dinner one night, but we ended up going out for dinner so....

instead I warmed it up in the gravy

and we had sandwiches for breakfast on homemade bread.

Burger and Fries

Italian Roast Chicken with a side of pasta.

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Delicious meals, Ann! They're all my favourites. I've never made/had a brisket, even though I think I want to. I can't find it here. So I make do with well-done roast beef and gravy. :-)

More comfort food; breaded pork chops with boiled potatoes, butter and sour cream (picture taken before I loaded up the potatoes) and simmered green beans and leeks.

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We tried a new recipe today, and I liked it very much.
A Reuben with beets (from our garden, alas, the last few) instead of meat. It's pretty simple, just substitute sliced, boiled beets (I guess you could pickled beets from a jar, too? but that would change it a bit).

I had mine open faced and it was not very photogenic. Rye, homemade Russian dressing, sauerkraut, the beets, and a slice of swiss under the broiler. Yum.

Here is a food stylist's version, prettier than mine!

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Jasdip, you can't go wrong with comfort food. Simmered green beans make a great side for pork.

A meatless Rueben would be a great idea for a vegetarian.

I had presalted a chicken on Monday and had planned to roast it last night for dinner. But that didn't happen. We had a late lunch.

I was baking bread and used some of the dough to make fried Calzones.

And since I already had plans for dinner, I ended up roasting the chicken this morning and

We had hot chicken sandwiches and fries for breakfast.

And braised prime rib bones for dinner. Served over polenta.

For dessert

I baked a Raspberry Pie

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This weeks meals.

Last night's dinner. Second meal from the lamb I recently bought.

Greek Lamb Shanks

with rice, potatoes and Greek Salad.

Roasted pork tenderloin in a light mustard and green peppercorn sauce.

Roast chicken

with roasted onions and thyme. These were a spur of the moment side. So good that I'll be making them more often.

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Last night's dinner.

Fettuccine with Bolognese

and homemade bread.

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Pizza day. Now I'm not clear on what, aside from its football shape, technically differentiates pizza and pide, but my wife and I had what I'll call pide. Garlic oil, kasseri cheese, and leftover homemade gyro meat from the freezer. Yum.

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No matter how often we have chicken, every time I see your roast chicken dinners and hot chicken sandwiches, I crave a roast chicken, Ann. I really like the roasted onion idea too.

Right now I have scalloped potatoes, a braised cabbage, onion and carrot dish (a new recipe) and 2 stuffed pork chops in the oven. So no pic.

But I did make an apple cobbler earlier today. After we had dug into it, it was so good, I had to take a picture. So this is half of it.

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FOAS, Had to look up what Pide was. Like the shape and the way the crust is formed.

Jasdip Is that a biscuit like topping on your cobbler? I like how you didn't skimp on apples or topping.

I decided to make a turkey dinner and join in the Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday. We lived in the US on two occasions and loved being able to celebrate both the Canadian and the US holidays.

Bought a small, 12.5 pound fresh turkey and presalted it on Tuesday. On Wednesday it was uncovered and left to air dry in the fridge until Thursday.

I peeled the potatoes and got the rutabaga cut up and the green beans ready early in the day. And made a combination bread and cornbread stuffing.

The turkey was roasted at 500°F. Took about 90 minutes and while it rested the vegetables and the dressing cooked.

Stuffing ready for the oven.

Turkey dinner.

Bread and Butter Pudding for dessert.

With a White Chocolate Sauce.


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Where is everyone?

Last night's dinner.

Grilled Rib Eyes with potatoes roasted with onions, and sautéed mushrooms, zucchini and cherry tomatoes.
Roasted Tomato, wrapped in Prosciutto with fresh Mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh basil. The tomato was amazing. Warm and bursting with flavour.
Moe, said, and I quote "A wonderful way to celebrate a tomato".

This was only suppose to be a starter one night. But neither of us was overly hungry so I added an extra tomato to each plate and it became dinner.

Pulled some Bolognese sauce out of the freezer.

Gorgonzola Garlic Bread (homemade baguette).

Served with linguine Bolognese.

Since I have a lamb in the freezer, I'm trying to cook lamb at least once every week or ten days.

Lamb Stew with zucchini served with Greek Lemon Potatoes.

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Happy U.S. Thanksgiving Ann! I had to laugh when you said you bought a "small" 12.5 lb turkey. I go out of my way to find 8-10 pounders for us. I did get one on sale this weekend.

Yes, that's a biscuit topping on my apple cobbler. It's a nice change from pie, and so much easier.

Beautiful dinners as usual Ann, your turkey is perfect.

I meant to take a picture of last nite's dinner. Meatloaf, mashed yellow potatoes, with a sweet potato thrown in, and braised cabbage.

Since I bought Molly Stevens' All About Braising, I've made her braised cabbage twice. Oh what a keeper of a recipe!

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Jasdip, If I could find an 8 or 10 pound turkey on a regular basis I would be tempted to roast turkey more often.

Reminds me when we lived in Dunkirk, NY. I ordered in advance, a Thanksgiving turkey from an Amish farm and asked for the smallest turkey possible. My friend Sandra was visiting from Toronto so there was just going to be three of us for dinner so I was hoping for something under 15 pounds. I was a little surprised when I went to pick up the turkey and was handed a 27 pounder and told it was the smallest turkey. Thankfully, Sandra was happy to take leftover turkey home to Toronto.

Pulled some more lamb out of the freezer for last night's dinner.

Grilled Chops

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Jasdip, that looks delicious, I love cobbler, but I'm not overly fond of pie crust, so cobblers and crisps are right up my alley.

Ann T, as always that beef is perfectly done and Elery is drooling over the lamb. As for the Amish turkeys, I always thought I was lucky if I could get one under 25 pounds, they were "too small" to sell, LOL.

I mixed up a batch of that No-Knead bread and made an eggplant, caramelized leek and venison sausage flatbread, an odd combo but very good:

One night we had beef round steak that I put into the pressure cooker with some seasonings, seared it, then pressured it until it was tender. I made gravy from the drippings and mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts finished the meal.

Another night I made pork loin, sweet potatoes, some red beans and corn muffins:

I had some Thanksgiving help too. Madi helped me make the cornbread the night before, while her sister, Maci, helped by cleaning out the utensil drawer and brushing her own hair, LOL.

Between the three of us, we managed to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal:

That no-knead bread managed to last through 4 loaves, this was the last one, 12 days after first mixing it up, it keeps well in the refrigerator.

Toasted it made the turkey salad sandwich I had for supper, spread with leftover cranberry sauce:

As you can see, we've been enjoying the harvest, as the beef and pork were both homegrown, as was the eggplant, the leeks, the sweet potatoes, the mashed potatoes and the Brussels sprouts. Butternut squash is going to have to be in the lineup soon, as I have a basket full that need to be used, they won't keep much past Christmas.

Last night we had cabbage rolls, but I forgot to take a picture, and I haven't been doing a lot of cooking because my "new" kitchen still looks like this:

Somehow, though, I'm not wasting away, so I must be eating OK. (grin)


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I have been cooking lots of good meals but forget to take pix. Lots of winter comfort food like country-style pork ribs and turkey kielbasa cooked with sauerkraut seasoned with tomato juice, chopped onion and apples, garlic and wine.

I rarely make fried foods but FOAS's post about veal forced me to make weinerschnitzel one night. That's two pieces on top of each other.

Also did lots of baking for our church's CraftFest in mid-November. These Tutti-Frutti refrigerator cookies have dried fruits, nuts and drained canned crushed pineapple in the dough.

This post was edited by ruthanna on Wed, Dec 3, 14 at 10:33

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Annie you have the best looking helpers.

Ruthanna, I've wondered where you have been. I miss your meals.

A few meals since last post.

Stopped on my way home from work and picked up a couple of Dungeness crab. Cooked them in my Cioppino broth. Homemade bread for sopping up the sauce.

I bought four top sirloin steaks and ground two up for burgers.

Froze one, and pan fried one for Moe's dinner Friday night. I can't remember the last time I cooked sirloin steaks but this was so good. Tender and full of flavour. It is Sterling Silver beef.

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Ann, I love pan-fried steaks. Sobey's Sterling Silver beef is so good!

Ruthanna, your cookies remind me that I must make some shortbread cookies. I have a craving.

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We bought some frozen shrimp on the weekend for $5.99 (not quite a lb). We never buy shrimp as they're so expensive, but we bought 2 pkg to treat ourselves.

I made Pasta Puttansesca tonite and just for kicks I sauteed some shrimp in olive oil and garlic and red pepper flakes and added them to the pasta. I'm going to make shrimp scampi and saute them to have with steaks as well.

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Made Chicken Marbella the other nite and finished it up tonite. It does look better in real life!

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Jasdip your Chicken Marbella looks delicious. But then I'm partial to anything with olives.

We had Christmas dinner with our neighbour. I presalted a turkey a couple of days before and gave it to Clif to roast. He did the dressing and the gravy and I did all the sides and the dessert.

Italian - Cassata Cake

Filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate

Christmas Eve Dinner.

Our Traditional Tourtiere. All butter crust.

I didn't do much in the way of baking and was feeling guilty so I made a couple of different shortbread cookies, both with chocolate.

One a brown sugar and Callebaut milk chocolate and the other a Cranberry and White Chocolate.

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Maci brushing her own hair is hilarious.

We've come into hard winter meals and my header photo is of tomatoes and squash blossoms, : (

All looks so good...i do photo but run out of time with a heavy work load. (and i have soup, soup and more soup)

I did tackle duck liver pate' de campagna yesterday. To go with all the goodies for my family visit....
Wrapped in proscuitto.

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AnnT, that cake looks beautiful, and the cookies are perfect, but I think I'd have to go for the tourtiere, yum.

sleevendog, I happen to be one of those people that actually like liver a lot, so yours also looks delicious.

We've mostly been working on the house, today we got the refrigerator in and running, the double ovens and the dishwasher are functional, and I've been moving kitchen items, so I'll be back to cooking soon.

We have had some home grown pork steak with dressing, since the pigs have gone into the freezer, and we had scalloped potatoes with ham on New Year's Eve, the traditional hoppin' john and greens on New Year's day, and today we had fried rice with lots of vegetables and a side of butternut squash from our cold storage. I still have four of them left and a few acorn squash, and a 5 gallon bucket of potatoes, then the garden stash will be gone. Well, except for the canned stuff, LOL.

We did have black bean soup with rye bread last week and Elery had an omelette this morning with some of the black beans. I had a plain egg, over easy, and toast made from homemade honey wheat bread.

I'm looking forward to getting everything moved, it seems like whatever I want is always at the "other" house, no matter which house I'm in!


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What, no one is eating?

Today both the girls came to the house, with the grandkids, so we had dinner for 10, at the "new" place. It's still not finished, but I managed.

I had one turkey left in the freezer, a small 12 pounder, so we roasted that, had mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, a cold salad with broccoli and cauliflower, some cheese and chive biscuits (gluten free for Amanda), peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream.

The Monkey Princess made her very first flourless chocolate cake with a spoonful of espresso, and a dark ganache. It was perfect and delicious, but so rich that a small wedge was plenty and vanilla ice cream took the edge off.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to return to dial up at the new house, we've been unsuccessful so far at finding a company that can receive a radio signal or satellite reception, so I'll probably not be posting a lot of pictures!


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I love scrolling this thread. The food pictures are so impressive-for both the cooking skills and the photography. I also get meal ideas when nothing sounds good. Thanks for sharing your time and talent!

Ruthanna, would you mind sharing your tutti-frutti cookie recipe? I have a similar one I make, but think the pineapple might make a softer, better cookie.

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Annie, I've got a lot of catching up to do with your updates and discussions of the goings-on with your new house!!

I had a lousy sleep all nite, just slept in fits and starts. I finally gave it up and got up at 5:30. What the heck, might as well start making bread!

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Yum, jasdip, fresh bread for breakfast, how could it get better?

Elery and I had turkey vegetable soup and some leftover cauliflower and broccoli salad, not very exciting or picture worthy, even if I'd have had my camera there, but it was warm and good.


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Jasdip, you sound like me. Might as well start bread if I'm up early.
Two beautiful looking loaves.

Annie, I hope you are able to find someone offering more than dial up. I look forward to your posts and photos.

Sleevendog, Love the idea of your duck pate.

I can't believe how fast January is going. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted here since the New Year.

A few of our meals since the beginning of 2015.

Baked a small , cross between, a pizza and a focaccia.

Two of my favourite soups.

Matzo Ball Soup


Mexican Chicken Rice. If I could only eat one soup the rest of my life it would be this soup.

Lamb Shanks

Grilled Quail in a port sauce.

I made perogies one morning before leaving for work.

Served with bacon , fried onions and sour cream.

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Ann T, I'm not optimistic, but the place offering a radio type signal for internet is coming out with a lift truck to see if they can get an antenna high enough to get a signal. Since we're surrounded by the National Forest and the house is about halfway up what might be the highest hill in the Township, I'm not holding my breath. I did offer to let the company put a tower on top of my hill, for the appropriate lease payments, LOL.

What's for dinner? I made some chicken vegetable soup yesterday, and chicken salad. We had leftovers today, I've been laying tile in the utility room, so I didn't cook.

I've got these lovely double ovens and no time to bake. Sigh.


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Oh Annie, your kitchen is just what you deserve. I can't think of anyone that will make better use of those beautiful appliances.


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Ann, wonderful meals as usual!!! Your lamb shanks are the best looking things. I've never had them, but you sure make me want to!

Annie, wow!!!! You're going to be in heaven. You won't know what to do with all of your room! I'm so, so happy for you. If anyone deserves a kitchen to make it easy to work in, with beautiful appliances, it's you!

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Thanks Jasdip.
Annie, is the kitchen finished now? Hope you will share a photo of the whole kitchen.


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I love this thread -- everyone's food looks so good! but it's taking an awfully long time to load all the images even with high-speed internet, so Annie, I can't even imagine trying to cope with dial-up again! :( Your kitchen looks mah-velous, BTW!

Ann_t, I'll have to try my pierogies w/ bacon, onions, & sour cream sometime!

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Thanks, everyone, this house has been a lot of work, and Elery and I are doing most of it ourselves, so it's taking a while. So, the kitchen is not finished. The cabinets are in, walls are drywalled, painted and trimmed, the countertops are on and the appliances installed. Cherry trim and laminate on the floor, but the window on the East overlooking the water needs to be replaced, and it was a "special order", so I can't finish the backsplash until the window is installed. And we still have the white battleship shaped homemade island with pink ceramic tile top sitting right in the middle. It'll stay, kind of, but it will be covered with the same stuff the cabinets are made of and have a butcherblock top. We tore out a wall between the kitchen and dining room to make one big room....

Right now I'm working on the pantry, tearing out old shelves and replacing them with chrome racks and laying tile.

Supper tonight was pasta with Mama's Meatballs, a red pepper sauce, garlic bread and broccoli. I have half of my cooking stuff there and half here, so the garlic bread was from a local grocery store. It was OK, but I NEED to bake!


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