Track Lighting fixtures

rosarian1December 26, 2009

Have older track lighting in my kitchen and need to buy just the fixture not the track. Why are some fixtures 20 dollars and some are 100? I need a quick education on track lighting, low voltage same as halogen? I need a all over lighting in my kitchen not spotlights, more of a flood. Can you make recommendations>> Appreciate any help I can get

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Not all track fixtures will fit all tracks so find the maufacturer's label on the track.

Track light fixtures are either LINE Voltage (120v.) or LOW voltage (12v.) but they all work on a line voltage track because the low voltage fixtures have a transformer built into them which is what makes them more expensive. The low voltage fixtures use halogen MR16 lamps that give off a stronger, more focused light and are usually more adjustable.

The line voltage fixtures usually use halogen PAR lamps (the non halogen R, BR & ER lamps are inefficient and are being phased out).

Then there are line voltage lamps (called GU10 or ES16) that are similar to low voltage MR16's but don't seem to produce as much light.

You're pretty much out of luck if you want a flood light on a track unless you use the inefficient R, ER & BR lamps that don't meet the current federal government's minimum efficacy standards. It appears you can still buy them over the internet but I wouldn't choose a fixture based on that being the case for much longer.

The next best thing for a wide light beam is a PAR lamp with an "FL" or "WFL" designation (30 to 50 degree beam spread) and a frosted face. These can be hard to find since PAR lamps are designed to be smaller and produce a more focused light so the usual beam spread is closer to 15 or 20 degrees (NSP or SP). It is best to buy all lamps at an electrical supply house and avoid the poor quality and limited selection at typical consumer oriented retail stores.

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Thanks Macv
Could you recommend an online electrical supply house? We don't have any locally and taking your advice about the big box stores. Sounds like the low voltage is what I need, just didn't want to spend the extra money as I will need at least five. So it sounds like I am looking for low voltage that takes a MR 16 bulb, is that correct?

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