can you modify cycle times on LG wave force

julescapDecember 30, 2011

Just wondering how "locked in" are the pre-programmed cycle times on the wave force washer and dryer? The one nice thing (only nice thing!) about my old calypso is that it is very programmable for cycle lengths of time.

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Have you tried changing the Soil Level? On most LGs (at least the front loading ones) it extends or reduces the wash time of the cycle, depending on whether you go heavy or light.

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Thanks so much...that makes sense! I don't own it yet...just looking around for all the features I want before making my decision!

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I see. You should get a confirmation from someone who owns an LG Wave, though. My response is based on how my front load LG works and I am just assuming that the feature works the same in LG TL.
Would you consider a front loader instead of top loader? In my experience, FLs wash well and are very gentle on clothes. I've had front loaders for about 12-13 years now.

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On the cotton/normal cycle the time can be extended from 43 to 56 minutes using the light to heavy settings. on other cycles the time is set, but the wash action gets more vigorous. Of course, you can add the soak cycle, or stain treat which adds 30 minutes to the wash, Stain treat works only with a warm water wash, and can jot be used with the soak cycle at the same time. on any cycle, if you push the cold wash button, it extends all wash cycles due to washing in tap cold, more agitation, and higher water level.

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The Calypso isn't as adjustable on wash time as you may believe. It offers 9 cycles along with options for soak and extra rinse ... but wash time for each cycle is adjustable on a range of only 5 mins. Each soil level (Refresh, Light, Normal, Heavy, Extra Heavy) steps up/down 1 minute.

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Is your calypso a kenmore? On my kenmore calypso washer,for example, I can adjust the normal cycle from 61 mins (with a saturated soak ) to 37 mins (minimum wash time). I love that I can do quick loads if need be. It also has a variable express cycle so I can do a quick load in 22 mins. I do love that feature.

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Mine is a Whirlpool. You're referring to individual cycles + options, which there is a range of those same as featured on the LG about which you ask, frontloaders and other HE toploaders.

I know this is splitting hairs, LOL, but 61 mins or 37 mins or 22 mins as you reference is for the entire sequence of (soak, which adds 16 mins to any cycle), wash, rinses and final spin ... not just the discrete wash period.

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@dadoes: OMG It's like talking to my husband!!

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