Need LED for Shallow recessed can

eve72December 29, 2012

Looking to put an LED into a Halo H27T shallow (6 inch depth) can. Given the shallowness of the can what would be the best LED? The edison base cree/ecosmart will not fit according to both spec and cree's website. They seem to indicate that the GU24 base will fit. However, Home Depot is apparently out of stock on all GU24 - I wonder if this is temporary or not. Lowes has a Sylvania that says it will fit in a 6 inch depth - BUT it's a lot more expensive and doesn't seem to have anything to substantiate the extra cost. Lowes also has a Utilitech 5/6 inch LED that claims to be brighter 700 lumens and can fit a 5.5 inch depth. Not sure of the quality or who actually makes it. Any suggestions to point me in the right direction? Thanks. Eve

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The can is 5.5" deep and uses an e26 base (screw in base). If you need to use a can of that depth, none of the Cree 6" lamps will fit.

If you use gu24 base lamps, the housing must have the gu24 base.

Otoh, some have used the Sylvania rt6 with that housing.

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At Amazon.ocm I found an LED called a G7 that appears to be smaller for its output. A 100 Watt equivalent was only $26 each. Positive reviews there too.

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