Cabinet doors in front of washer/dryer?

sgshrchefDecember 8, 2010

We are taking out the bathtub and turning a bathroom into a powder room and laundry room combo. Because I don't want the washer/dryer in full view I am going to put a counter over them and cabinet doors in front. Has anyone "closed in" their laundry? How did it work? Any pictures??

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I had to take my doors off when I got my new FL set because they were too big, but there have been others here who have put doors on their machines. Since you don't want them closed when using the machines it is best to put "pocket" doors in that slide back along the sides of the machine when using the machines. Then they are out of the way and you won't be banging into them. If you put a counter over them be sure and put it on hinges so it can be lifted up for access to the back of the machines.

If you get really cool looking machines you might just want to leave them out in the open.

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The more you enclose, the more difficult and costly to service.

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