seeking dimmable par/br/r20 led recommendations

tigerninetyDecember 17, 2012


We're in the final stages of finishing a basement and are looking for best options for LED lights for the six recessed HALO H99ICAT cans we installed. Obviously, we installed fixtures that are not dedicated LED fixtures, but we wanted the flexibility.

Now I'm trying to find the best value LEDs for the money. We want instant-on (aren't all LEDs?) and maximally dimmable (it's a home theater install). We'll be using them with Insteon dimmers.

With all of that info, what would you recommend? I've heard that PAR20s are the best design, but I understand that BRs and Rs would work (depending on the trim; we're probably going to go for the base Halo 993W trim).

We'd probably prefer something warmish and flood rather than spot.

I'm looking closely at Home Depot's EcoSmart 8-Watt (50W) Bright White (3000K) PAR20 LED Flood Light Bulb at $18.97 each.

Other suggestions?



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The CR6

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Thanks for the suggestion. The CR4 is suitable as equivalent for PAR20 (4-inch cans), but we'll need something less expensive than a $52 bulb.

Anyone have anything more to recommend in that $20 range to compete with the EcoSmart? For a 4-in can?

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