Fix LED glare on granite countertop?? Help please!

MamaDocDecember 1, 2012

I am looking at the Environmental Lights LED High Brightness bars for UCL in my new construction kitchen, but there is significant glare on my granite countertops if mounted horizontal on the cabinet, despite having a diffuser on it. If angled back to the backsplash, the glare is less bright, but you can definitely see the diodes. You no longer see the diodes when the bar is held at 90 degrees, but there is obviously less lighting (only indirect) and then I can see the reflection of the bottom side of the cabinet. I was really wanting to go with the LED route, but I am having difficulty deciding what to do about the glare-issue. Any suggestions on this? What have been your experience? Pictures would be very helpful too!

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Glare is not unique to LED lighting. To reduce glare, either dim it, angle it or get a more diffuse light source (eg - uniLume).

FWIW, there is a long running thread on UCL.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL continuation

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Are the LEDs mounted as far forward on the cabinet bottom as possible?

This position produces good task lighting while limiting the angles that the lights can reflect directly off the counters in to your eyes.

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I haven't mounted the lights yet. So, if mounted at the front of the cabinet, what angle do you recommend installing it? Or no angle and just keep it flat under the cabinet?

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Flat and pointed down at the counter.

They should not be throwing a whole lot of light any direction but down on the counter.

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