pre-lit Christmas tree issue - never buy Inliten

clermont_ohioDecember 2, 2008

I bought a pre-lit tree by Inliten at Lowe's last year. A small fraction of the bulbs oscillate (flash) slowly, which is fine. But a section (not an entire strand of lights, but a large portion of them) on the bottom third of the tree oscillated in unison, and for long periods of time would not light at all. I checked every bulb within and adjacent and the fuses and could not figure it out. Inliten offered to send an entirely new bottom section of the tree. This August it arrived. I plugged it in and with the exception of a single bulb all looked well. After running the tree for a few nights, now, I have the same problem as a year ago, and with more than one section on the new portion of the tree, plus another in the middle. What makes a section of consecutive lights flash or black out in unison?

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