Ceiling Light Fixture-Odd location

apkool007December 18, 2011


I just bought a new condo. I have living room of size 11'X10' and ceilings are high too (about 12 feet). The light fixture they have in place is weird and the access point is in a odd location. When I say odd, I mean it is close to the kitchen and towards one corner of the living room. Kitchen has good lighting already.(see image below)


I was thinking how I could repair/change it so that it provides good light to my living room and the hole on the ceiling doesn't look bad either.

I was thinking of installing a chandelier with some extension so that I can hang it towards the middle of the living room.

can you please throw me some ideas so that I can solve the lighting issue and the ceiling does not look bad as well?

I'd prefer not to change wiring and minimal work

see pic below for the current situation.



Thanks in advance!

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The simplest solution is to swag a chandelier. All that is needed is some support in the ceiling (i.e. - joist) and a hanging hook.

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