Kitchen lighting problem

steve_inDecember 30, 2009

We are redoing our kitchen (first time it has been done since 1920) and I am trying to figure out the lighting above the sink. It is an old farm house and my wife is not allowing me to put recessed lighting in the ceiling since it is not "period".

We have a 9 foot window that our kitchen sink is centered on. We are putting wall cabinets above this window. The bottom of these cabinets will be about 4 feet above the sink and counter.

Since I can't use "can" lights in the sink area, I think I am going to have to use some kind of under cabinet lighting that I would hide from the front with some wood trim.

Does anyone know if the typical under cabinet lighting (xenon, etc.) would be bright enough at a 48" distance to do anything? I am open to other suggestions. I thought about a more traditional light under the cabinets but it would be sticking down in front of the window.

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One solution is to install a product like Seagull Ambiance or Juno trac12 with 2 or 3 small MR11 12volt lampholders.
This could be concealed behind a shallow facia, and the transformer required hidden in the adjoining cabinet.
The MR 11 or Mr16 lamps would be able to drive light down onto the counter and sink from 48"

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Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know how much do the MR11's stick down from the ceiling/under cabinet? I looked at the Seagull ones and they said they were 2 1/4 inches. I wasn't sure if that was just the reflector deal or included the base and/or track.

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that measurement would be the overall height of the click-on lamp holder and lamp.
With the Seagull system, don't add any height for the track as the hoder actually snaps around the track.

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Another possibility is LED under cabinet lighting.
You may find the following website useful

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Well, if it only sticks down a total of the 2 1/4 inches that the Seagull advertise, I think that is what I will try. I like that I can adjust the distance between them to get the right effect.

Are these the ones you were referring to? From the picture it looks like more than 2 1/4 inch if their diameter is 2 inches.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think that the diameter is wrong, as the diamter would be the width of the MR11 lamp, which is 1 3/8"

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Can these low voltage lights be dimmed?

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Yes, but make sure the dimmer you use is suited for the transformer you magnetic or electronic transformer

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Thanks Norm. You have been helpful.

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